DON’T MISS: The Last Days of American Crime #1 with Rick Remender

The Last Days of American Crime #1Fans of Rick Remender's creator owned work should take note as his latest creator owned title, The Last Days of American Crime hits comic book stores with issue #1 on Wednesday. Ron hopped on the phone with Rick to hear more about the sci-fi/crime hybrd concept behind the book and the inspirations for it, the amazing art of Greg Tocchini as well as discussing the cover price and format of the book. Rick also shares some updates on the Hollywood interest in adapting the story into a movie. 

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The Last Days of American Crime #1
Writer: Rick Remender
Greg Tocchini

$4.99 – Radical Comics

Listen to iFanboy Talksplode: Don't Miss #8 with Rick Remender

Total Running Time: 18:32

Bullet Train to Vegas
Drive Like Jehu


Check out the first 7 pages of The Last Days of American Crime #1:






  1. ARRGGGHHH! This sounds so freaking awesome! But I think I may just wait untill the trade for this one. or at the very least wait untill all three issues come out. I just cant justify buying another limited series right now.

  2. Been hearing great things about this book, outside of iFanboy. This might be a must get.

  3. I’ve been so, so excited for this book! 

  4. @Patman – I have a much easier time justifying limited series because it’s not an indefinite budgetary commitment. I’m curious as to what you’re reasons are for the opposite?

    I’ve been up and down, off and on adding this to my pull list, I think the interview with Remender put it over the top though; he makes a good pitch. Geez, that art is gorgeous, though.

  5. Wow look at that art.

  6. This looks great, and I think the story sounds like a real original.  Glad that the art looks so good too.

  7. Too bad my LCS isn’t gonna have this book, wanted to check it out.

  8. i haven’t had a chance to listen  yet but did you ask him what the fugde happened to Gigantic? why it hasn’t finished?

  9. heard last issue of gigantic is coming out in january.

  10. i wish you could hear me make that noise where you blow with your tongue between your lips

  11. Despite my excitement for this, I’m going to wait for the collection…love the pulp-inspired cover.

  12. They had me until "bi-monthly" came up… now I don’t know

  13. @slockhart: i’m totally with you on the bi-monthly part but it’s only three issues. you’re not going to be waiting on this next christmas.

    that is if it’s on time, not like gigaintic