DON’T MISS: Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #1 with Tim Seeley

Hack/Slash is back with a new number one issue, and a new publisher. Tim Seeley's series about badass goth girl Cassie Hack and her mission to rid the world of Slasher maniacs moves to Image Comics and kicks off with My First Maniac. Listen in as Tim talks about the inspiration behind Hack/Slash and how this is a perfect time to jump into the series. 

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Direct Download – 23.8 MB

Hack/Slach: My First Maniac #1 – $3.50 – Image Comics

Listen to iFanboy Don't Miss #28 with Tim Seeley

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed Tim Seeley’s work for the last couple years. Very excited to see the new launch with Image. Thanks for posting this guys.

  2. AWWWWG YEAH! FINALLY! A "DON’T MISS" i’ll actually enjoy! (that Hulk #22 Don’t miss made me gag)

  3. Never read this book, but I might give this a shot this week.

  4. You hear Chris reign that in at the beginning? That’s why he’s a damned pro. Great ep. Convinced me to buy.

  5. Chris is one of those guys you’d think hosted a talkshow. Seriously, if I had his talent I’d have started my own podcast. Thankfully for the interwebs I’ve chosen to hide my bad voice.

  6. Tim once told me that he would write Hack/Slash even if he was homeless and living in a cardboard box.

    I pretty much decided right there, if Tim was that dedicated to making the book, I should take the time to read it. I’m glad I did.