DON’T MISS: Cloak and Dagger One-Shot with Stuart Moore

Cloak and Dagger haven't been around all that much in the Marvel Universe lately.  They popped in during Civil War, Secret Invasion, and the Runaways, but Ty and Tandy have been scarce lately.  Josh talks to writer, and former Marvel Editor Stuart Moore about these odd, but beloved characters and where they fit in these days.  Don't Miss Cloak and Dagger One-Shot written by Stuart Moore, with art by Mark Brooks, this Wednesday.  Check out this preview!

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Cloak and Dagger One-Shot

$3.99 – Marvel Comics

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  1. I am immediately sold on the fact that Mark Brooks is on art duties. I used to read alot of stuff with Cloak and Dagger in it back in the day, so it will certainly be interesting to see what they are up to nowadays. I forgot if they did anything significant after they jumped ship during the Utopia crossover.

  2. Love Cloak and Dagger and I love Books’ art.  Sold!

  3. dang, I love that cover

  4. I’ve been waiting for this and the She-Hulk 30th anniversary issue, and I’ll be getting them both this week. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  5. All you need to say is Mark Brooks. He’s one of my favorite artists. I only have 10 and most people know how anal I am about art so I’m on board.

  6. Both the Cloak and Dagger one-shot and the She-Hulk one-shot are well worth your hard-earned money this week.  Solid story-telling and outstanding artwork on both.