DON’T MISS: 28 Days Later Vol. 1 – London Calling with Michael Alan Nelson

Don't Miss the release of the first 28 Days Later collection from BOOM! Studios. This is the continuing story of Selena and her now seasoned ability to survive in the midst of the "infected" as she and a team of journalist try to return to London. Writer Michael Alan Nelson drops by to tell us about how he had to fight for the chance to pen the series that takes up right where the first movie left off. Listen in to find out how 28 Days Later is different from the standard zombie book, and how Nelson's own scary dreams helped make one of the most frightening moments in the series. Artist and Irishman Declan Shalvey was the artist of the series that takes place in the UK. Find out how Declan and Michael's collaboration made a more authentic and believable setting.


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28 Days Later Volume 1 – London Calling – $9.99 – BOOM! Studios

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  1. Has anyone read this and what’s the general consensus? In my thoughts I’m happy with the walking dead so don’t know why I would need to read another zombie book

  2. I think it’s a pretty awesome series. If you liked 28 Days Later the movie or the zombie genre in general, I’m sure you will like this.

  3. This has been an awesome series, and just plain fun to read. It’s differnet than Walking dead,in the sense that Walking Dead gets more into the development of the characters. The main character was already established in the 1st film, and this series represents her story a little bit after the movie. It’s fast paced,so it’s really a quick read.

     BTW I hated the 2nd film, and was reluctant to pick up the issues, but became hooked as soon as I started to read the comic, bought on by a low week in my LCS.

  4. Thanks guys, enjoyed the first movie and have the second on dvd but not watched it due to all the bad reviews it got. May give this trade a look this week then

  5. I LOVE the series. That said, I think things really pick up after this opening arc. This is good, but issues 5 onward made this one of my favorite series of the last year.