Dollhouse – S01E10 – Haunted

Tonight’s episode – Haunted

After a brief hiatus, Echo is back and ready to…solve her own murder! (In this case, Echo’s playing host to the memories of the recently deceased Margaret, an old chum of Adelle’s.)

It’s like that time my dad instructed me to play Clue by myself while he went to Sahara Sam’s. On my birthday.     

We encourage you to liveblog in the conservatory with the candlestick. 


  1. Okay, let’s do this thing!


  2. I’m watching this in HD for the first time

  3. This explanation should be interesting.

  4. would u miss your own body if u woke up in elisha dusku


  5. There ain’t nuthin like being alive for your own funeral Huck

  6. Liking this lots, seeing Echo play a real person rather than a construct.  Hmm.

  7. Its like she wants to solve her murder because she’s bored.

  8. Looks like she was expecting her own murder; interesting

  9. Everyone loves Sierra.

  10. Not playing it very cool.

  11. he created his own best friend, i would so love to do that

  12. they revealed the whole november plot way too early

  13. Not playing it very cool either.

  14. The son may hit on echo

  15. ha ha ha ha. best scene for the episode

  16. Saw that one coming a mile away

  17. Hows this going to end, would someone back from the dead give up being back so easily, even if its in the contract?

  18. It is kind of adorable that Topher could have made anything and he picked a geek girl to game with.

    Liking the Margaret story, but wondering how it’s going to circle around to be about Echo/Caroline.

  19. The Dollhouse is peddling Genesis, life from lifelessness. 

  20. @hbk good deepp question i wonder if they go down that path

  21. The HD is making the jokes crisper

  22. Both those sleepy ideas sound awesome.

  23. Dollhouse Team-up.

  24. I don’t understand why didn Eliza Dushku just used her Tru Calling powers to find the murderer

  25. whoe is the uncle from

  26. In a world…ha!

  27. @heroville You need more than 2 season to retain your powers from show to show.

  28. come to the dark side paul.

    get it

  29. They cut to Echo on the horse so fast I thought they were showing Paul and "Millie" having sex

  30. ewwwwwwww so he knew

  31. Okay, that son is CREEPY.

  32. Didn’t even try to deny it huh.

  33. Thank god they’re there to hear these important clues.

  34. Aww.

  35. Son looking fishy.

  36. wow! i feel bad for topher now

  37. Saw this one cominga mile away too

  38. create a best friend for his birthday

  39. yes walsh returns and alpha returns

  40. Decent episode, good idea, coming back to solve your own murder. It was a little slow moving and I thought the murder and investigation could have been a bit more sinister.

  41. That was a neat little anthology-type story; I was kind of surprised they let the whole ep be about Margaret, but I did enjoy it. 

    I was kind of squicked by the Paul/Mellie thing but I guess that was the point.

    Looks like stuff is really hitting the fan next week.

  42. This is a good one-off episode. Not their best, possibly the weakest out of the past few they’ve done… But still, great great way of playing the premise. Good premise. Great ethical question. Great stuff. Very excited for next week.

    And screw all y’all. I LOVE Topher.

  43. Great episode.  So far, the best episodes of the show have centered around the mythology and larger plot arc, but here we got a nice standalone, and I think Eliza’s best performance on the show so far (boo to naysayers that have been ragging on her; this episode proves she has chops).  It also hinted at the larger sinister implications of the Doll technology.  And Adelle’s final words to Margaret tugged at the heartstrings:"Every single moment."

     I loved the Topher subplot.  There have been complaints about not getting enough character moments, but with this plot and Adelle’s from the previous episode, I think the show is doing a great job of fleshing out the cast.

     And oh man, next week we finally get to meet Alpha.  I’m excited.

     So, is the guy in charge of the liveblogging going to chim in at any point?

  44. @emil2003: No one is required to post their thoughts,

  45. Do you sit around waiting for me to post, Conor?

     And I’ like to think the person who on a weekly basis runs a discussion of a TV show would offer his opinion.  I mean, that’s how it works on most websites where they live blog TV shows.  Maybe iFanboy just has some bizarre editorial policy where they don’t think their readers want to hear their opinions.

  46. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’ll chime in when I watch the episode. I wasn’t able to watch live last night. Got a little distracted with a project for work. It happens. 

    Next episode I’ll be commenting live, scout’s honor.   

  47. @emily2003: The live blog space is set up as a forum for people to talk about the show in question. However, it is not required that any post their thoughts in a timely manner. People have things to do. Especially on a Friday night.

  48. The AV Club had their review up an hour after it aired.

  49. Good for them. If you have a problem with the way we do things, is the place to send suggestions. This isn’t the place for that.

  50. People who read comics have something to do on a Friday night?


  51. Dushku looked really stunning in this episode. Not that she doesn’t look good in other episodes, but I think the fancy dresses and hairstyles made her look really elegant. Sierra chick looked really cute here all geeky, and I felt really sorry for November’s character. All of them are hammer of the gods fuckalicious though.

  52. "All of them are hammer of the gods fuckalicious though."