Dollhouse – S01E09 – Spy in the House of Love

Tonight’s episode – Spy in the House of Love

There is a spy in the Dollhouse. 

One year for Christmas I asked for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Technodrome playset.  The one with the rolling eye.  Instead, I got a used Barbie Dream House from a local yard sale.  It came with three identical, naked Barbies and a Snake Eyes action figure.  “What is this?” I asked, amidst the shredded wrapping paper.  “Undercover Brothel,” my father replied, handing me a stocking full of coal. 

This is like that I guess.

Alright, kid.  Don’t get cocky.  Let’s liveblog this thing and go home. 


  1. I wonder if Krang was the madame? Where my dolls at?

  2. Repoting for Duty.

  3. That’s a fine looking suit.

  4. In what world would a Catholic priest not believe in the actual Devil?

  5. Irish accent is still shaky. Voweld need to be more reedy

  6. i love clandestine meetings in confessionals,

  7. Holy vrap. I’ve neen live blogging Terminator. Whoopsie. No wonder I was lost. Sorry

  8. I don’t watch Dollhouse, but my parents once bought me a TMNT collection of probably over 100 toys that had that Technodrome in it. It was awesome.

  9. Theres no blog but what you make.

  10. TV is changing channels randomly….guess I won’t be watching Dollhouse tonight like I planned.

  11. Wow this is going to be weird

  12. Yes leather and whips. this is going to be a good episode

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Heading out for the evening, so you’re on your own for this one.  Looking forward to your thoughts and reactions.  

    Blog well, princes of Maine, kings of New England!  

  14. so whose going to be the spy the little helper scientist. or the doctor

  15. So we’re gonna see some screwy imprints this time or what?

  16. Echo is one curious doll.

  17. Interesting.

  18. It has to be one of the handlers in echo’s group of dolls, why else would she start realizing what’s going on?

  19. Special agent paranoid

  20. @s1lentslayer im leaning toward the scientist or the doctor. the helper more

  21. Freaky. My mind would explode if that was me heh.

  22. Mine would too, i think they blew that surprise a little too early

  23. Fat chance…

  24. Is this the end of Mission Impossible?

  25. I would notice if someone who was dressed exactly like me sat down next to me on the train.

  26. Toast toast

  27. Sierra is the go to badass doll.

  28. @heroville no u wont. i barely realize im at my stop. U are in ur own world when u commute

  29. @cyberauron I’m on the NY public transit nearly everday and I take notice of everything plus that chick worked for the NSA she should’ve known better.

  30. his british accent is better than hus russian

  31. Wow

  32. Woah what a plot twist

    @Heroville  subway or railroad

  33. Dipping in the company ink huh?

  34. This is the way picard dealt with stress

  35. im still so very turned on by evil boss lady. shes gorgeous in i can kill u sort of wway

  36. @cyberauron bus and subway – both rather crowded

     The "Lonelyhearts" slip was surprising

  37. She’s the saddest woman on TV

  38. @heroville those are rather quick. the hour train ride is where you let your mind wander.

    Heres a question do the dolls where protection

  39. Boss lady just had to make everything complicated.

  40. Smokescreen

  41. she takes a licking and keeps on tivking

  42. She’s going to feel that roundhouse until season 2

  43. well we know boyds new job


  44. This feels like it should have happened in season 3

  45. OOOO


    Too bad we wont see the last episode of the season.

  46. It’s alive!

  47. Is she a terminator?

  48. I havn’t seen someone take a bullit so effortlessly since cameron poe in con air.

  49. ok, that episode looks to have potential

  50. Boyd and echo will find each other again

  51. Oh for fuck’s sake! He shoots her, the bullet passes clean through, splatters blood all over the wall and SHE JUST STANDS THERE?

  52. I also didn’t see an exit wound.

  53. I didn’t see the episode, but it’s a physical impossibility for a bullet to move a person. Unless you mean falling down or something afterwards, in which case it would depend on where the person is shot, shock setting in, tolerances to pain and a bunch of other factors. People have been known to walk away from bullet wounds not even knowing they happened. Equating them with, I thought it was a muscle cramp or even not feeling them at all. All kinds of variables can explain your description, of course it’s T.V. and was done wit I think this would be cool in the back of the mind of the writer.

  54. I’ve been liking Dollhouse for the past three episodes. This was no exception. There was some good stuff in here, a lot of good.

    Now I just hope it doesn’t get cancelled…

  55. Why aren’t you guys live blogging Terminator?


    Anyway, all the haters can suck it! This is awesome.

  56. Just got done watching this episode on Hulu. Really enjoyed it. I think this show is keeping it’s forward momentum. Some very interesting layers were weaved in for a couple of the characters. I was very impressed by DeWitt’s scenes.

  57. I’m a little confursed. They say they found a chip in the machine that allows someone to remotely alter the dolls personalities, and it ends up being the NSA who only want to keep the dollhouse alive. So who, and how is someone else altering the dolls so that they talk to Ballard? This either means that the Dollhouse is having Millie reveal herself in order to trick Ballard or…? I don’t know what else. Searching through the machine they would have spotted other tampering, so the only explanation is if one of the scientists is the one trying to take down the Dollhouse.

    Loving this show recently.

  58. I had a technodrome. 

  59. This show just keeps getting better and better. The Friday time slot but, here’s hoping that Fox realizes that the show has a huge following on HULU. 

  60. When is Paul coming back to talk about how the show isn’t still living up to his expectations and give it a C-?

     Hey, iFanboy, could you have someone liveblog this show who actually cares about it?

  61. We take all suggestions under advisement.

  62. I thought this episode was well-structured, and I particularly liked what we learned about Adele.  I hope Reed Diamond’s not gone for good either; I’ve really been enjoying his performance, every show needs an unrepetant bastard and he fit the bill well. 

    I thought the ‘what is the Dollhouse for?’ motif was interesting both in itself and on a meta level.  I still can’t figure out the *why* of this show.  Obviously I’m fascinated enough that I keep coming back every week, but I’m still kind of baffled.

  63. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Caught up. Contrary to popular belief, I do care about the show and I’m certainly not rooting against it.  Just being honest in my response to it.  It does explore some pretty compelling themes.  I think i’m just frustrated with some nagging elements.  Eliza’s performance, for example.

    This past week’s episode was one of the better installments. Ohcaroline’s impressions seem to mirror my own.  


  64. I don’t know that I’d call it "popular belief." Maybe "loud belief."

    I think this episode was probably the best of the bunch, woman-gets-shot- and-doesn’t-hurt-and -just stands-there-chatting notwithstanding. I’m still not sure that any of this is going anywhere and am not sure why I should care about any of it, and I’m still not sure how it qualifies as a Joss Whedon show since his name pops up in the credits about as often as Nessie, but it has me for another week.

  65. @Jimski  When she got shot and just stood there, I was like, "OH SHE’S A ROBOT!  THAT EXPLAINS SO MUCH."

    (I am totally not saying I would like the show more if she turned out to be a robot.  Well, maybe a little).

  66. She was grazed.  And people do go into shock and not realize they’ve been hit, or not feel it if something traumatic is going on.  Like wiping the mind of your trusted lieutenant of three years.

     I dunno.  It seems like some of the commenters’ criticisms have been about what they aren’t getting from the show as opposed to discussing what it has presented.  Everything I’ve seen since episode six suggests the creator and showrunners know exactly what they are doing, and plan to play their hand at their own pace.

     I find nothing grating or bad about Eliza’s performance.  She’s turned in a few spectacular moments, like leading the Dolls out last week.  Can you cite a particular moment or thing about her performance that’s getting to you?  If anything she’s a decent actress surrounded by better ones.

  67. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Hmm. Generally her final act speeches/encounters just fall flat for me.  Maybe it is a case of the other actors being stronger. I’ve called out the guy who plays Victor as a likable hero character.  

    Echo’s also a fairly stoic character when in adventure mode, regardless of her current personality. Humorless. Maybe this adds to my impression of the character as vanilla.  And that compounds the overall woodenness of the performance? So I don’t see it as entirely Eliza’s fault.   

    I think people are calling for things they miss from previous Whedon shows because they’re not getting anything all that thrilling as an alternative from this new offering. While I’ve liked some ideas presented in these episodes, I get the sense that they could be better served with some other ensemble or world. The team’s not doing all that bad, but with better elements in place maybe it could be awesome?   

  68. Victor’s totally heroic AND he’s DeWitt’s unwitting sex toy.  Is it wrong that I kinda want her to make Dominic her new sex toy?

    Umm, yeah, I guess what I’m saying is that if this show is gonna embrace the Dirty Bad Wrong I kinda want to see it go all the way.   And I should stop saying ‘kinda’. 

    And yes, Paul has a great point.  The arcs that are working in these recent episodes could also work in a setup where the worldbuilding makes more sense.  I’m not saying it won’t make sense by the end, but we’ve already seen more than half the eps of this that will probably ever exist.  The amount of stuff we still don’t know (i keep coming back to — what the hell is Boyd doing there?) feels more clumsy than artful at this point.

  69. I don’t have anything to add, just want to get the sort of spoiler off the home page.