Doesn’t anyone stay dead anymore?

Everyone breathe a big sigh of relief — Hawkeye’s coming back.

Did you really think he wouldn’t?


  1. Hawkeye was dead? I thought he was Daredevil.

    That story sounds like it will be cool. As one of those people who believed Bendis was going to screw up the Avengers by killing off the classic characters and adding ne characters like Spider-man and Wolverine, I will admit I was wrong. He has made me much more excited about the title and the characters in it. I am totally psyched for post-Civil War “New” New Avengers and the Mighty Avengers. Even though I know little about either comic, I can’t wait to read them.

  2. I completely agree Dave. I haven’t loved the Avengers as much as I do now for quite some time. I really love the way the characters have been written.

  3. Yea, I presently read New Avengers in the stores, but I think I might start picking up the trades. I really dig Bendis and the lineup shakeup and possible rivalry between the Avengers will be really interestng, I think.

    As for Hawkeye… Everyone comes back.

  4. I agree with Jack; I’ve grooving on the New Avengers. Before that, I paid no attention to the Avengers.

  5. I was totally waiting for Hawkeye to come back. When that one girl in the “Young Avengers” took the name, I was happy to see he was ‘back’, but in a unique fashion.

    However, this could be good. This could be bad.
    We’ll just have to wait and see and stay on for the ride.

  6. Also, any time we get a Bendis/Maleev collaboration, it is cause for celebration.

  7. Yes! I’m happy.

    Although, I figure he’s going to be pissed.