Do my superhero movie, Bryan! No, do mine!

Fox seems to have severed their ties with Bryan Singer because of the Superman announcment. Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Productions had a deal to do two more films with Fox, but after the announcement that Singer would do the next Superman movie, Fox cancelled the rest of the deal. The catch is that they still plan for Singer to direct X3…when we’re all collecting social security.

I’m now resolved that we won’t see X3 until James Marsden actually looks like an adult. Oh well. I’d rather see Logan’s Run anyway.

Wait, no I wouldn’t.


  1. Wait… how do you throw a guy off a studio lot, cancel his deal and then expect him to come back and direct a picture for you?

  2. Cash. Lots and lots of cash.

  3. I would assume that would be the only way.


  4. “Chief, why ain’t you going in the water?”

    “That’s some bad hat, Harry!”

  5. Best Production Company Name Ever.

  6. Also, we’re never going to be collecting social security, the way things are going.

  7. It doesn’t even matter how things are going now, because it’s an unstoppable tide. Perish the thought.

  8. Don’t forget he’s never directed anything. It’s not the same as writing, and Singer is EXCELLENT director. I mean, he’s really really well versed in the technical and creative aspects of directing.

  9. He directed a lot of episodes of BUFFY and ANGEL and FIREFLY.

    He’s not as good as Singer, though.

  10. I didn’t know that, because he referred to this project as his first. Still, those shows aren’t feature films.

    Not that I could do it.