DIY Thing

Here’s a good way to start the week and wonder, “What are YOU doing with your free time?” Well, this dude made a Thing (of the Fantastic Four) costume from scratch using real rocks. sure, it may weigh 110 lbs, but it rivals the movie Thing for realism. Pretty cool if this is, well… your sort of thing…

My only critique is I would think the Thing would be, like, taller or bigger… but if this costume was 110 lbs., I can’t imagine what it would weigh if it were any bigger.


  1. ” we found most of them near train

    tracks and stole them good”
    I love this guy. This costume looks GREAT.

  2. we’re going with an all cosplay theme on iFanboy for the next week!

    I guess he did the Ultimate Thing cuz he gets a shirt that way. Lazy. Just lazy.

    I think it’s hilarious that he went with rocks because he hates foam rubber (which worked perfectly well in all Peter Jackson’s movies), but then painted it an extremely unrealistic bright orange.

    However, I bet it sounded great when he walked. Makes the hernia almost worth it.

  3. Let me know when he decideds to do the Human Torch with real flames

  4. headline:

    “BIFF! POW! SIZZLE! Local Comic Fan Perishes in Bizarre Costume Accident”

  5. i just think it is funny that he actually hand drew a “concept sketch” for himself to go off of. especially the drawing of the eyebrows with a “?” after it on the top. ha. it probably would have been easier to just open up a fantastic four comic. but good job whoever-you-are none the less!

  6. I picture the headlines more along the lines of:

    “Local Comic Fan Crushed Under the Weight of His Own Dorkdom.”