Discovering Webcomics in 2008

As I survey my new year’s resolutions, a part of the comics world I want to know better is that of webcomics. With the ease of publishing and the number of creators out there, it’s high time I embrace this new delivery method. Sure I read PVP and Penny Arcade, but there are many others worth checking out.

For my initial round of comics, I checked out Misery Loves Sherman, Butterfly and Evil, Inc.
One of the hangups I’ve had previously about webcomics is format. Typically, webcomics have followed the strip format most similar to that found in newspapers. A horizontal format of a few panels, makes for a brief moment in the comic. While I grew up on this format, for some reason I have a hard time wrapping my head around it as I’m older. Part of it is that I always forget to go check the site for updates, but with the wonderful world of RSS and Google Reader, I can subscribe to my favorite webcomics and have the new strips pushed to me directly. I know some are experimenting with ongoing online graphic novels, like Tyler Page’s Nothing Better , but I’m not there yet. For now, I’m starting small.

Misery Loves Sherman – A new webcomic that just launched a few days ago ( and was partially the inspiration in my discovering webcomics) from Chris Eliopoulos. You probably know Chris Eliopoulos from his lettering work on books like Astonishing X-Men, Daredevil and Amazing Spider-Man or from an episode of iFanboy with him. But he’s also a super good cartoonist, as evidenced in his recent work on Franklin Richards and Spider-Man Family. With Misery Loves Sherman, we have a daily strip chronicling the adventures of Sherman, a young boy who gets beat up by his sister, misunderstood by his parents and has 2 aliens living in his bedroom, one being the genius/world takeover plan type and the other a bumbling assistant.

While the comic is barely a week old, already the strips have shown that this is going to be fun to read. It’s similar to the work Chris has done in Franklin Richards in that it’s about a young kid, but is separated from the Marvel/superheroes connection. Sherman is endearing and you can relate to him and his supporting characters, which makes the strip that much more enjoyable. An industry vet, Eliopoulos isn’t doing this to practice his skill, rather to give himself an avenue to create the comic that he wants to make and not have to worry about publishing. The skill and love for the medium shows in every panel. All ages and accessible, Misery Loves Sherman could be the breakthrough webcomic for families and kids in the same way that PVP and Penny Arcade were for gamers given the attention and notice it deserves. So jump on board now and you’ll avoid having to catch up later on.

Butterfly – If there was one artist that I would label as one to watch, it would be Dean Trippe. You may recognize him from the Project Rooftop, which is the character redesign project that gave us such memes as the “Redesign Supergirl.” While browsing his personal site, I discovered his webcomic, Butterfly.

The tale of a sidekick in a superhero world, Butterfly is not updated nearly as much as I would like. There are maybe 2 new strips a month, but when there is a new strip, boy is it worth it. It’s not so much the stories being told, which are fun plays on super hero archetypes; rather it’s the art of Trippe, which shows off his playful, young and attractive (but not in a creepy way) character designs. Whenever I see something Trippe has drawn, I want to see more. There’s a certain elegance to the cleanliness of his art, combined with an upbeat attitude, portrayed through the strip. It’s interesting too, if you go back to the beginning, to see the evolution of the strip. From the sketchy beginnings to the more recent fully colored strips, you can watch as Trippe hones his talent. I seriously can’t say enough good things. Get on the bandwagon now, because if there’s any justice in this world, you’ll be hearing about Dean Trippe a lot in the future.

Evil, Inc. – I recently stumbled upon Evil Inc., by Brad Guigar when I was looking for new webcomics and noticed the podcast, “Webcomics Weekly” (iTunes link) which features Brad Guigar along with Scott Kurtz of PVP fame and some other webcomics artists. What grabbed me about Evil, Inc. was the concept. A legitimate evil empire. A company dedicated to evil but working within the boundaries of the law. Similar to Butterfly, it’s a new spin on an established concept that we’re already familiar with in comics. but done in a unique way, without the oversight of a big company/established continuity. And so we get a daily strip telling the adventures of Evil Atom and his colleagues. Brad’s been working on this comic for about 3 years or so, which gives a hefty archive of comics to go through. But once you get started, you’ll find that it’s totally enjoyable and time will fly by until your caught up and then have to wait until tomorrow for the new one. A slice of humor and playing on the established concepts of super heroes and villains makes Evil, Inc. a great comic that is well worth the read.

And so I’ve dipped my toe in to the pool of webcomics. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it, but for right now, I plan to follow at least these three, and possibly some others. I’m sure I’m not mentioning or not even aware of some other great webcomics. Maybe you even write and draw one? If so, leave a comment and share with me and the other iFanboy readers your webcomic picks!


  1. Questionable Content, Sinfest, XKCD, Sacred Pie.

  2. Wow, Dean Trippe’s stuff is lush and a bit more…

    Thanks for the heads up, not really been one for webcomics generally but a daily dose of the Misery Love Sherman might be a nice way to start the day

  3. Butterfly is very nice. Good recommendation.

  4. Ok, if you’re find going through archives then you MUST READ Something Positive. This is probably, flat-out, the best written webcoming out there. It’s funny, it’s heartfelt, and it’s freakin’ awesome.

    It’s also usually in four or six panel squares, as opposed to three section strips.

    Over the holidays, he did a few comics called Super Stupor (about superheroes and villains) as a kind of break. They are:

    If at least three of ’em don’t make you laugh, I’ll eat my hat.

    Granted, it’s a hat made of Rice Krispy treats, but still…

  5. So I’m totally sold on Evil, Inc.

    I can also second Sinfest and XKCD. Those are some of the best.

  6. Thanks for recommendations i will be sure to check these out. And if you finally ready to check out ongoing graphic novel type stories i would recommend my favorite Megatokyo which was originally a comic strip but made the transition.

  7. I love the Chris Eliopoulos stuff. I stumbled onto Misery Loves Sherman through the After Hours Press web site. The brother and sister relationship is funny. I’ve subscribed to this one and look forward to it as it comes out.

    Butterfly is a cute strip. I didn’t make it all the way through, but I’d like to keep reading this one too, mainly for the art. But also because I’d like to see what the kids deal is, why he dresses up in a butterfly suit?

    I read stuff like Zot! Online, and Argon Zark last year, and both opened my eyes a bit about the possibilities when it comes to presentation on the internet. After those two, I see myself being much more of a regular to web comics this year.

  8. I really enjoy Sheldon at and Superfogeys at

    Check ’em out, you may enjoy them.

  9. Try out

    It’s a lot different than some of the strips out there in a very delightful way….

  10. Something Positive is pretty funny, though I haven’t kept up for a while. A somewhat mean-spirited Scott Pilgrim.

  11. Questionable content and Ctrl Alt Del are my favorites

  12. I was really into a webcomic called Sluggy Freelance for a couple of years. It had some really really great stories and I highly recommend everyone to go to that site and just go through all the archives. About a year or so ago i got busy and wasn’t able to read it as much but it’s good

  13. I really enjoy girls with sling shots. It is really funny and just released a printed vol of the first 200 strips.
    It is a 5 times a week strip and my wife really likes it too. It is a great comic to get your girl in to comics.

    check it out

  14. Something Positive is awesome. And I used to keep up with “Year One” (Based off o Marvel Heroes)

  15. the only comic that makes me laugh out loud practically every day is dinosaur comics,

  16. Dinosaur comics are very very funny.

  17. Bob the Angry Flower is good for a fix of angry:
    Apple Geeks is nice art:
    Sinfest is classic:

    XKCD and Questionable Content also rock.

  18. Moving away from the superhero-themed web comics I recommend Diesel Sweeties and Octopus Pie.

  19. Check out I’d be interested in your feedback.
    It is designed in the classic single panel format, because it’s intended to be printed.

    I agree about Butterfly, it’s a great comic!