Dinosaurs as Superheroes

Every once in a while, we get a new greatest thing, and today, dinosaurs as superheroes is that greatest thing.

These were done by a user named d.r3sto on Flickr, and he's selling prints.

Captain Ameritops






Iron Brontosaurus




Thanks to Paul W. for the tip.


  1. Ankylothorus? I want that dinosaur to have his own book.

  2. Yeah, let’s see a Dino Marvels mini!

  3. These are incredibly clever. They all fit nicely. Wolveraptor gets my vote only because it was my favorite dinosaur as a kid, and here it’s mixed with my favorite X-Man.

  4. Ok.. i’ll buy StarkTech being able to get a man sized iron suit airborne and highly mobile, but a brontosaurus suit? No way that works!

  5. I kind of love this.

  6. @mikeromo  Right?!

  7. Ankylothorus. AKA Sauron. Love Wolveraptor.

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Pteranostorm needs to be stricken from the list as the pterosaurs she is based on are not technically dinosaurs. 


  9. I was predisposed to poop on this based on the first notion the title created.

    But it is kind of great.

    Reminds me of http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/11/17/superhero-volkswagen-van-bus/


  10. @ericmci  The vantastic four? that’s awesome. 🙂

  11. Before the Golden Age there was… The Stone Age!

  12. @mrfrost  do you think he flies backwards?

  13. that Iron Brontosaurus is the scariest thing i can imagine

  14. thats really fun stuff. 

  15. I think my favourite thing about this is that everyone has really punny names except Iron Brontosaurus. Taht amused me too much..

  16. I. Love. This. And I usually dont like dinosaur cartoons and find them very childish but these…..YES!

  17. Repost?

  18. If These were action figures when I was a kid, my dioramas of jurrasic period would have been awesome! Although now I have this image of @PaulMontgomery taking the Ptaranstorm out before moving on to the next kid and removing pluto from his solar system.

  19. @JNewcomb  – agreed, I definitely remember seeing this on this site sometime in the recent past.

  20. This makes me miss the old Spider-Ham comics. Ducktor Doom. Captain Americat. The Beeyonder. And of course, Croak and Badger!

  21. Noooo… There is no Brontosaurus. It’s the Apatosaurus.

  22. So it was Galactus who killed the dinosaurs?

  23. I’m getting some serious deja vu here.

  24. No offense to anyone invloved but they’re honestly some of the ugliest prints i have seen

  25. Thanks for your call.

  26. and Jimski? did i say that the idea is pretty stupid too? it is

  27. HAHA! Iron Brontosarus! So much silliness.

  28. The only problem I see from this is the continued perpetuation of the Brontosaurus. It doesn’t exist people. It’s an Apatosaurus.