Dini Watch: ‘Monkey Talk’ with Mark Hamill

iFanboy’s bizarre interest in Paul Dini has taken another odd turn as we found the first episode of his interview show Monkey Talk, where he and his sock puppet monkey Rashy interview the legendary (and foofy dog owner) Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame (as well as The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series).

The quality isn’t that great and the download is pretty big, but goddamn it, it’s worth it. 10 minutes plus of the bizarreness that is Paul Dini. It must be seen to be believed.

I’ve watched it twice now, and I’m speechless. I have no idea why, but Dini could do anything and I’d be entranced by it.


  1. I love Mark Hamill. *sighs* Thanks for the link!

  2. weird, wasn’t it?

  3. Okay, I finally downloaded this…

    What the hell happened to Paul Dini in the last few years? He turned into Dennis from Head of the Class.

    Eh, he’s richer and more successful than me and has a hot wife who dresses like Zatanna. Who am I to judge?

  4. *Dennis from Head of the Class*

    OMG you’re totally right – he DOES look like him…

    Also, he writes comics, specifically Batman AND he’s buddies with Mark Hamill – so he wins

  5. those fuckers are whacked out of their skulls.