Digg Free Comic Book Day!

Normally we would try to limit the crossover between the website here and the forums over on Revision3, but this one is worthy of attention.

Help out Luthor and please digg his submission on Free Comic Book Day!

Let’s get the word out to the community and to people who may not know about free comics!

Here’s Luthor’s message:

So every year I submit stuff about Free Comic Book Day to digg.com and every year it gets a few diggs and never goes anywhere.

I want to change that this year.

Above is the link to the list of titles that are going to be available this year. I’m asking you, my fellow comic book fans, to digg this story and get more recognition for this amazing opportunity.

Please help!



  1. Went and dugg it. It’s a great way to introduce your friends to comics and sometimes you get to try titles you wouldn’t normally get a chance to even see.

  2. Consider it dugged. 🙂