Diane Lane is Ma Kent

Man of Steel casting rumors abound this week. Will Kevin Costner don the flannel and keel over in the amber waves as Pa Kent? Will director Zack Snyder defy earlier statements and demand we kneel before Zod? And will that Kryptonian General be played by Viggo Morstensen? Well. We’re not sure yet.

But here’s a humdinger.

DC has confirmed tonight that Diane Lane–Cherry Valance herself–is our new Ma Kent.

“Good news, Diane! We got the Superman movie!”

“I’m Lois Lane!? This is fantastic! I need to update my Facebook.”

“Well, actually…”

“This is perfect. We can order one of those director’s chairs and it can just say ‘Ms. Lane’ on it. How perfect!”

“Okay. But. Just. Remember how, as a little joke, they had you read for that other part too?”

Whether or not the 46-year-old actress will inherit Carla Gugino’s old-age prosthetics from Watchmen is anyone’s guess. Either way, here’s even money Pete Ross spent a lot of time mulling around the Kent farmstead back in the day like a hayseed Eddie Haskell.

Not a whole lot of time between now and December 2012 to go golden girl naturally, so maybe she was selected to play both young and…er…”no spring chicken” Martha Kent via Hollywood movie magic?

We’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Henry Cavill’s Supes is going to have to stand up to the panty-melting eyebeams of Olivier Martinez.

  2. Well, Ma Kent is Superman’s ADOPTIVE parent. In this case, he was adopted when she was a teenager.

  3. wow, that is so weird, i never thought i would have dirty thoughts about ma kent, but diane lane is a fox

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Exceptionally crass comment deleted. Keep it clean, folks. 

  5. Judge Hershey is Mama Kent? Small world!

  6. Annette O’Toole.  That’s all I’m saying.

  7. Think of your comments needing to be phrased as All Ages.

  8. I want to have her adopted babies? Clean enuff?

  9. i’m used to ma kent looking just like my grey haired dear old mother.

    seriously, they look pretty close.

    anyway, who is this woman?

  10. 46? wow, for some reason I thought she was into her 50’s and looked really great for her age. not sure why i thought that.

    @Tork, i hear what you are saying. She’s probably a bit older than Lane and Tom welling is into his thirties, so the ages make sense.

  11. Wow. This is . . . strange? She’s a great actress and a smokin lady, but Ma Kent? I dunno. It’ll take me a while to get used to this. Like from now until the credits role.

  12. Okay, that is weird, right? I mean its not just me who thinks that this is really weird is it? Diane Lane? 46? They must be ready to apply a LOT of make up to make her look like shes in her late 60’s-70’s

  13. @kidCharlemagne: I’m pretty sure it’s not just you. It’s definitely weird.  

  14. I don’t think she needs to look like she is in her 60s/70s. If rumors are to be believed, this is a clark kent out there trying to ‘find himself’, so just after college. It’s very reasonable to have, say, a 50 year old mother at that age.

  15. So, Josh Brolin as Pa then right? right?

  16. Why does Ma need to be in here 60-70s?

  17. @WeaklyRoll: Because she is. And almost always has been. I mean, I’m fine with this choice. And if Costner is really up for Pa I’m fine with that too. But I think our confusion is warranted.  It’s outta left field.

  18. Ma Kent does not have to be in her 60s or 70s.  The comics and Smallville have already shown this. 

    Looks like the Costner rumor of Jonathan could be accurate…

  19. Anyone read The Sports Guy (Bill Simmons) on ESPN? He has a “team” of hot celebs over 35, and it’s called the Diane Lane All-Stars lol

  20. @wheelhands, i would argue that she could be as young as 50 in some versions(smallville, but yes that is a younger clark, but even lately Annette O’Tool still looks to be in her 50s, and is), but do see you point.

    Though Diane Lane does have a great smalltown farm girl feel about her. And I think pairing her up with someone older, like Costner, will probably make her seem a bit older as well.

  21. Maybe they’re just going for a younger take on the Kents, kind of like how Ultimate Aunt May is younger than the ancient old lady of the classic version.

  22. Why is it that we(including myself) as fanboys think that movie studios are going to “stick to the script” with these films. Getting it close to the comics is usually their last priority

  23. @wangman31888  –haha he’s the best! i totally forgot about that. 

  24. Maybe Ma & Pa Kent are teenagers when they find the baby? Maybe Ma goes on Teen Mom?

  25. What @Tork said.

  26. all they have to do is not put make up on her and she’ll look not hot enough for the part

  27. nah, she does have to be 60 in fairness, nobody will buy the guy they cast as supes as a just after college type. its a more grown up clark, the guy cant pull of 25…ma kent is always shown as being older. even in smallville recently, shes gotta be mid-late 50s by now. I hope Costner isnt in it, he sucks so bad

  28. @kidCharlemagne  Henry Cavill is 27… he can’t pull off 25?

    Ma Kent definitely doesn’t have to be in her 60s for the story to work.

  29. @conor  Owned!



    Kevin Costner will be Pa KEnt as expected!!!

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Lexavi80  Yep. Posted about it last night. 

  32. @conor  THAT was hilarious! We have people in their 30s playing high school kids, but according to fans on the internet, an actor can’t “pull off” his ACTUAL age if it interferes with pre-concieved notions of what a character should be.

    I think this is exciting casting. I have no real interest in Superman for the most part, but I like Snyder and his cast is really coming together very well. This could be WAY better than I was originally expecting.