Death Cab for Comics

In a nice little mix of mediums, comics enter the world of the band Death Cab for Cutie, who are in the process of making videos for every song off their latest record Plans for their DVD project titled Directions. For the song Your Heart is An Empty Room, they used animation by the comic book creator Jeffrey Brown whose work Every Girl Is the End of the World for Me is available from Top Shelf.

You can watch the video here.

I have never heard of Jeffrey Brown, but I dig Death Cab and I like the title of his book, so maybe I’ll pick it up.


  1. You so beat me to posting this.

    Jeffrey Brown did some great books called Clumsy, and Unlikely which I picked up last year, and they’re mostly autobiographical tales about his early experiences with love. Great personal stuff. The art is a little simplistic, but it works, and you get used to it. The book, “Be a Man” is a sendup of his character in the other books, where he says everything horrible, offensive, and sexist that his character (which I think is himself) would never say in the failed relationship stories. I would definitely recommend some of this stuff if you’re into personal indy books.

    Perfect fit for Death Cab as well.

  2. This is very cool I like Jeffrey Brown’s work and Death Cab are one of my favourite bands. I’m going to see them this Friday to, just thought I would add that little side note.

  3. Saw them once, and it was a great show. Except Ben did this one little dance, the whole time. It was both tiring and mezmerizing. It’s like he couldn’t stop.

  4. Yeah, I’m really excited to see them.

  5. Whats a brotha got to do to get a new postal service album, i love me some death cab but good lord

  6. I’m always about 2 years behind on music. I’m just getting into that Postal Service album. It’s good, but I like the Death Cab sound more.

    Wait, this doesn’t have any thing to do with comics! Viva la iFanboy!

  7. Now we are dorks on a website with… wait for it, no direction!