DC Universe Online Delayed – Release Pushed Back to 2011

Release dates for massive multiplayer online games are never set in stone, and the upcoming DC Universe Online is no exception, with gaming site Kotaku reporting that the game has been delayed to "early 2011".

DCU Online MMO Doomsday


Originally scheduled to be released on PC and PS3 on November 2nd, the delay has been credited to "addressing community feedback" which means it definitely needs more development time. But more time is never a bad thing, as ideally it can only make the game better.

Fans who can't wait to get their hands dirty in the DCU can still apply to be part of the beta testing phase. Without pre-ordering, you have until 11:59pm Pacific time to register at the DC Universe Online website. Or folks in North America who pre-order the game before November 15th will gain beta access by the end of the month. Anyone plunking down some ducats for DCU Online after November 15th will have to wait until the week before the now-nebulous launch date to get an early taste of the action.


  1. I wish Lex Luthor would travel back from the future to give me this damn game!

  2. I wish they had included either Macs or XBoxes. seeing as to how those are the devices I own.

  3. it is going to take a hell of a lot to displace WOW users… good luck DCU online, maybe you can succeed where others have failed

  4. Sony online games do not have a good track record in my experience.

  5. i bought a ps3 last year in readiness for this game, but after they announced the monthly fee there is no way in hell i will buy this. I refuse to continue to pay for a game after i have already bought it.

  6. You know, this game has been delayed continuously. And, there’s that part of me that is so frustrated considering how much they’ve hyped this game; constant updates, an amazing Comic Con trailer, and Jim Lee touting it as a great MMORPG. We were so close to having it in our hands.

    Although, I will agree with everyone. It seems they are delaying it to work out some of the kinks. And, there will be a beta test to tide us over. 

    While I’m personally not a fan of something being promised and then being delayed by DC Comics, I can understand it. Better they take their hits now and make the game right, rather than releasing something that isn’t ready and be embarassed.


  7. I knew that November release date was too good to be true for this game.  I swear, I must be a psychic or something!!

  8. Bringing a little bit of All-Star Batman and Robin and Wildcats to gamers everywhere.

  9. If any MMO has a chance to topple the big bad WOW, it’s this one. I mean, talk about an existing fanbase! The DC IP is arguably more powerful than Warcraft.

  10. I wish I had thought of that first, @josh.

  11. There is nothing worse than a game rushed out before its ready to make a deadline (aka movie and olympics games) Delays suck, but if it means a better product than i’m all for it. 

  12. @JoseRivera83 well in all fairness, this game has had very little hype by current MMO standards. People were starting to expect a delay just on the premise NOT ENOUGH information were getting blasted in our faces. I wanted this one to be different but ultimately "they" were right sigh.. Regardless, I will get to play it in some form or other on Nov 30th and then we’ll see 🙂 

  13. I’m not much of a gamer, so maybe my comments are worthless to people who are. But I don’t see why DC themselves have to be involved in this much at all. Why not just farm this out to a video game company? Yeah, I know that with the Batman Arkham game they got Paul Dini to contribute some story elements, so I can see how it’d make sense for someone like Jim Lee to be involved a bit in character design for this. But it seems like so much of DC’s creativity has been DRAINED by this project, and I don’t just mean All Star Batman.

    But Jim’s been focused on this project for YEARS and YEARS and nothing’s come out of it. Basically, you could make the argument that All Star Batman, the WildCATS revamp (with Morrison), and the entire Wildstorm universe were SACRIFICED for this damn MMORPG…which may not be any good when it comes out, and which will probably not usher many (any?) new readers into DC comics proper.

    So, I hope the game’s good for the sake of gamers, but I just don’t see what the point of THIS much effort has been.

  14. @froggulper Even a moderately selling game will make tons more money for DC than all thoe comic series combined.

  15. This and Diablo 3 are the only reason I still want to play games on my PC.

  16. I here people constantly complaining about how they’re not going to buy this becuase there will be a subscription for it.  This is nothing new.  Warcraft is huge and that is subscription based.  MMO’s cost a lot of money to create and maintain.  I love how people just expect everything to be free any more.

  17. I wonder if the upcoming release of Cataclysm from WOW affected this at all.  It’s going to be tough for ANY MMO to compete with that as the hype is so huge.  So let them release on Dec 7th, let people play through it a bit and juuuuuust when they’re starting to get bored with the new stuff, say late JAN early FEB release this.

    THinking out loud here…via text.

  18. Doesn’t matter when they release this. All I know is when they do I can say good by to what little social life I ha- you know what? Let’s not even pretend I have one. The only thing this game is going to interrupt is my art.