DC Universe Online Character Creation System Revealed

Despite being delayed until next year, the news from DC Universe Online keeps rolling on. This new trailer, released under the radar at New York Comic Con, shows off the game's character creation system and explains how so many new heroes can appear in the DCU.



DC Universe Online has a very clever way to avoid having twenty-bazillion Bat-Men or Blue Beetles running around the game by having players take their "inspiration" (and power set) from any of the many heroes and villains in the game. If you don't like giving your allegiance to any of the main universe characters, players will able to shape their path through the DCUO character creator. Personally, I'm hoping SOE take a queue from other MMOs and release a standalone character creator app. Then we can mess around all we want and settle on the right hero before the game drops, since making characters is really half the fun in a game like this.

Lex Luthor and his dirty little Brainiac nanobots will be infecting some lucky players soon, as beta invites are going to start hitting in-boxes in the next few weeks. The rest of us will have to sit back and seethe with jealousy until DC Universe Online drops sometime in 2011.


  1. This almost makes up for the delay. Almost.

    Looking great though!

  2. This looks like more fun than I want to admit.

  3. I’m not a big MMO guy but this game looks insanely fun.

  4. I can’t wait. I just wish the costumes didn’t look so… 90’s.

  5. I think this game’s biggest strength of this game is that it isn’t trying to be WoW.  The second is that it has brand recognition that Champions Online and City of Heroes lacked.  I think one unintended effect will be guilds with entire rosters of the X-Men and Avengers.

  6. @ Conor:  Right there with you on that one.  Dangerously fun.

  7. Eff my free time. Between that and Football/Basketball, my wife might be justified in killing me. 

  8. I’ve been playing the beta for a couple of weeks now. It’s pretty fun, but I can definitely see why they postponed it. The game play reminds me a lot of Diablo. I would say it’s like a Diablo game in an MMO world. I’m not a big fan of the map, but playing World of Warcraft has spoiled me on that. If you like hack and slash games, you will like this. I haven’t had a chance to do a lot of group stuff like instances/dungeons. I’m not sure if they have that type of content out yet.

    It will be interesting to see how it goes when they open up the beta more. I look forward to trying out some group content where there is healing and tanking involved. The controls are a little clunky and you can’t select other players like you can in traditional MMO games. I’m not sure how you would go about healing someone if you can’t select them. 

  9. @ato220 That would be awesome.

  10. Dibs on short shorts Robin!!

  11. Can I join Booster Gold? Also since its time travel is Blue Beetle alive?

  12. No Life in T-Minus 6 weeks, 5, 4…

  13. annnnnd my social life is already packing for its trip down the tubes


  14. Oh didnt know it was delayed. Thats ok.

  15. This looks pretty god damn amazing

  16. I’m supposed to get into college.   But….batman

  17. Damn it, I’m bitter that this isn’t coming out for the Xbox 360.

  18. Agreed. No Xbox 360 = no fun for me.

  19. Batman’s voice doesn’t sound right to me…

    apart from that this looks cool.

  20. If I buy this game, expect to see me on an episode of "Intervention" in the near future.