David Wain to Direct Too Cool to be Forgotten?

Rumors are swirling around today about David Wain possibly directing a motion picture adaptation of Too Cool to be Forgotten, Alex Robinson's Harvey Award winning graphic novel about a man who ends up mysteriously in his own body back in high school, but with his 40 year old mind.  The rumor started on Pajiba.com, who go so far as to make some casting guesses, invoking the name of Paul Rudd as a possible Andy. 

Wain is largely known for his directing work on Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models, and his involvement with The State comedy troupe.

Alex Robinson had no official comment on the story other than to say "As far as I know [the production company] is trying to come up with the right creative team at this stage. I can't really confirm or deny David Wain's involvement since I honestly don't know. I've enjoyed his stuff so it would be great if that worked out." on UGO.com.

But he did tell me that if there was anyting too cool to tell, he'd let us know.


What about a really in depth interview with Alex Robinson about Too Cool to be Forgotten, among other things while you're here?



  1. I think this would be awesome. Though David Wain is known more for sillier comedies, I think this would be a good fit. As an unabashed State fan though, I could be biased. 

  2. David Wain is brilliant. He’ll do a great job.

  3. David Wain would definitely be a good choice, and although he is known for sillier comedy’s lets keep in mind Role Models had alot more emotional depth than most mainstream comedies. and Robinsons work has a tendencie to straddled the line between humor and gut renching emotion. 

  4. I just want to second the gut renching emotion in Robinson’s work. 

  5. calling it right now: next yrs "up in the air", i hope =/

  6. This could be very fun.  I didn’t love "Too Cool To Be Forgotten", but found the concept very interesting.  This could be a very moving film.

  7. I love David Wain, and I loved this book. I really hope this is a true rumor.

  8. I picked this up a month ago and it’s next on my stack to read.

  9. I picked this up a month ago and it’s next on my stack to read.

  10. I picked this up a month ago and it’s next on my stack to read.

  11. Very cool, I’m going to see if I can’t find these books somewhere, Too Cool to be Forgotten sounds awesome 🙂

  12. Wasn’t this already recently a movie with Matthew Perry and some Disney channel kid?

  13. I am a huge State/Wet Hot American Summer/ Role Models/ Stella/ David Wain fan. HUGE. so I am very excited about this news.

  14. I like David Wain whole bunches, but tonal he’s not the first person I think of when I think of adapting Alex Robinson.  Not necessarily a bad thing at all though.  I think I actually would totally dig seeing him stretch a bit.  This could end up being something special.