Darwyn Cooke’s Second Parker Book, The Outfit coming in October

Darwyn Cooke thrilled us all with his first adaptation of Richard Stark's Parker character with The Hunter, our Book of the Year for 2009 actually. It also won an Eisner, if you're into that kind of thing.  But that was just the first in a series.  Come October, just in time for New York Comic-Con, the second volume will land in your hot little hands. 

Some of us got a taste with the teaser Man with the Getaway Face, and if you're like me, you're just salivating for more. 

In the next volume, the heist has happened, and Parker got himself an all new face.  But someone's threatening to turn him in, and the crime syndicate, the Outfit is bearing down on him.  Luckily for Parker, he's a bit of a badass, so I guess we'll see how it all goes down. 

If you have the kind of comic shop where you have to order things like this ahead of time, now's the time to do it. The Outfit will be 160 pages, hardcover, and fit quite nicely next to The Hunter.



  1. Can’t wait! The teaser was great, of course.

  2. yes

  3. Spoiler: Parker don’t take no shit off no one. Oh, and people get hurt.

  4. I loved The Hunter and Man with the Getaway Face ($1 from DCBS! A Steal!) I can’t wait for this.

  5. that cover design is amazing.

  6. Well, if ‘Man with a Getaway Face’ was any indication on how good this book will be, then I think it should be better than ‘The Hunter’.  Not taking anything away from its brilliance though.

  7. I just saw "The Outfit" on TCM the other day and it psyched me up even more for this book. I not only want to see the continuation of the Parker series by Darwyn Cooke, but I also want to see the changes the film made from the novel, besides character names.

  8. Can’t wait!

    I got my copy of THE HUNTER signed by Darwyn Cooke last year. He even drew a little profile of Parker for me!




  9. Oh man, this is going to be book of the year.

  10. Loved the first book. October cannot come soon enough.

  11. Very cool

  12. I just ordered the first one from my comic shop. I hope its good!

  13. I had a short interview with Don shortly before he passed away. I asked one of the best questions I ever asked, and he came up with the best response – Don was damned funny. I asked him what would happen if Parker and Dortmunder ever ran into each other in a bar. And Donald Westlake said, laughing, "They would take each other’s measure very quickly. They would recognize each other instantly. They wouldn’t say a word. And then Dortmunder would get up and leave the room."

     And if you don’t know Dortmunder, it’s time for a visit to the library and some googling on the malicious and stone-cold Richard Stark…

  14. I can honestly say that this is the only book that will make me stand outside of DCBS storefront waiting for them to open the door on the day that it arrives. 

    The only bad thing about this release is that after this one, Darwyn’s only going to do two more.  🙁 

  15. Really looking forward to see how Darwyn handles the heist heavy action of the Oufit, which arguably lends itself even better to a Cooke style comic adaption than the hunter did.

  16. So, red is the tone?

  17. This looks really cool. I still haven’t read the first one and I don’t no why, Darwyn Cooke is one of my favorite artist.

  18. @JesTr – The first one is a must read.  Go buy it: http://www.amazon.com/Parker-Hunter-Richard-Starks/dp/1600104932/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1282046598&sr=8-1 or I can bring you my copy at NYCC.

    P.S. That amazon link is through the iFanboy store, so they would get a little kickback.  No pressure. 

  19. I own the reissued paperback of The Outfit and it is one of my favorite in the Parker series. This should be great.

  20. Can’t wait for this, and I love the fact that the design seems to be getting kind of bolder and even a little abstract…this could be another truly unique looking Cooke book

  21. Can’t wait. I still have The Hunter on my "to read" stack..maybe i’ll start on it tonight. =)

  22. Teaser was awesome. After putting it down I read it again and then shouted "YES! THIS WILL BE AWESOME!" Then ran around the street naked, banging some metal pots together.

  23. very excited for this book.  I’ve been re-reading the Hunter and the Man with the Getaway Face.

  24. It will be hard to wait for the DCBS box of fun to come in October.  Being a trade waiter means there are few things that I can’t wait to read but this is definetly one of the exceptions.