Darwyn Cooke’s ‘DC: The New Frontier’ coming to DVD (?)

Aint it Cool News is reporting that word is starting to slip through the Warner Bros. cone of silence that Bruce Timm is working on an adaptation of Darwyn Cooke’s excellent mini-series DC: The New Frontier as a direct-to-DVD animated movie.

DC: The New Frontier is one of my favorite things that DC has published in the last, I dunno — ten years? I loved it a whole lot. The story — a Silver Age-esque Cold War Elseworlds tale that features just about every major character in the DC Universe — is perfectly suited for Bruce Timm’s animated style.

I’d love to see a Bruce Timm version of the original Robin!

I can’t wait to buy this.


  1. Whoa – this could be totally awesome – the one thing about New Frontier that I loved was the look. It was just the right balance of retro and refined, if they can keep that look in this, which I’m sure Timm can do – this is gonna be a must have.

  2. I picked this up at the library not having a clue to what it was. I ended up thinking it was one of the greatest stories I’d read; and I’m not even a DC guy. I hope they can keep the look of the book.

    Everyone should really check out their local libraries. Ours in San Antonio can pull books from any location. I’ve read a ton of trades including the entire MK Daredevil. (I started collecting around #56) So I got to read the entire backstory. I’m waiting on the trades for Ultimate X-Men. And the best thing……it’s all free. (Well, we doooo pay taxes. Most of us do at least.)