DARKHAWK IS BACK! (Sorta) Vaughan unveils new super team

iFanboy fave Brian K. Vaughan (of Runaways, Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina fame) unveiled a new team that will be introduced in the pages of the upcoming Runaways series.

The new team is called Excelsior and includes:

• Chamber from Generation X
• Ricochet from Slingers
• Julie Power from Power Pack
• Turbo from the New Warriors
• A Secret Member


• DARKHAWK from the self titled series Darkhawk

I love when good writers get their hands on b-list characters. This is going be VERY good I suspect.

I bought 25 copies of Darkhawk #1 back in 1991. Let’s hope this helps to boost the value of them.


  1. Julie Power….NICE.
    i love power pack!

    i hope this has a new warriors feel. i miss that book. maybe we’ll see speedball…

    no idea who richochet is, chamber was good in the AOA. and i thought he joined weapon X and they fixed his face…there is a book i haven’t seen in 2 months… did i miss something why is his face skrewed again?

    i think i need to find a trade of runaways, it just never poped out at me. all i know is X-23 came from that book and now shes an x-man i guess…

  2. Ron – You might as well use those copies of DARKHAWK as kindling because NOTHING is going to increase their value. Twenty five?? Jesus.

    Patrick – Get the first two RUNAWAYS digest trades. They’re EXCELLENT. The third is out soon.

  3. X-23 didn’t come from Runaways, she came from NYX, right?

    Runaways vol. 1 and 2 are available in digest form – REALLY good – Vol. 3 coming out in early Feb.

  4. I wonder who the secret member is?

    This seems to be a “best of” team made up of members of B-Level teen oriented groups.

    Are we missing any groups?

  5. You’ve got to like Vaughan. I just read through his blog for a bit, and here’s a guy I like supporting who also happens to do good work. A lot of it as well.

    And x23 or whatever is not from Runaways.

  6. they should add Artie and/or Leech

  7. they look like the same book to me.
    i’ll have to pick up those runaway books so i can see the diffrence.

  8. yeah we are missing some “exterminators”
    if you have those two you need whiz kid too

  9. I’m still SO psyched about Darkhawk.