Coming Soon: ‘Daredevil Omnibus, Volume 1’ – Collects the Complete Frank Miller Run

The oversized hardcover craze continues, and quite frankly, I’m running out of room.

Daredevil Omnibus, Volume 1, the complete collection of Frank Miller’s legendary run, is scheduled to be released February 28, 2007!

There is no possible way that I will not be buying this. None whatsoever. I’ve never read the complete run and I’m really, really excited for this release.

Now I need to move into a bigger apartment.


  1. This has been on my Amazon list for weeks now, and I can’t wait to open that brown box.

  2. Maybe this is a dumb question, but I’ll ask it anyway. Have they done this with Bendis’ run? Are they planning to? Could it be done?

    I guess that is more than one question, but if the answer to any of those is yes that would be one hell of a book. No, that would be a tome. And now I must have it. Joe Q reads these threads, right? Make it happen, Joe!

  3. I ordered this months ago. I’ve been waiting for it.

    I hope they do it with Bendis’ run too, although I already have all of it in hard cover

  4. Bendis has said that he wants to do a Black, White and Red Omnibus of his run on Daredevil.
    This would need to be a 2 or 3 volume set, which makes me think its less likely to happen.

    I have the following omnibus’

    New X-men
    Uncanny X-men
    Fantastic Four

    Daredevil and Spider-Man Omnibus’ are on preorder.

    I like oversized hardcovers, I have 2/3’s of all the Marvel ones…

    I’m sick…

  5. I just wet my pantalloons!

  6. I’ll be breaking my Omnibus cherry with this one, generously pre-ordered for me as a b-day gift. Can’t wait, though I’m afraid once I get one Omnibus, it’s a slippery slope…already eyeing the upcoming Spidey with #1-40.

  7. I am a gigantic Daredevil fan, but I’m unsure about this purchase. I already have Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller, Volume 2 in trade. I know the Omnibus collects more than what’s in the trade, but I feel like the run with Elektra and Bullseye is the definitive run, which is collected in what I already have.

    This is definitely one that I will scope out in the store, but I’m on the fence. Too much money for something I already have…

    By the way, I am wholly obsessed with the Absolute line that DC puts out. If I get this Omnibus, maybe I’ll join the Marvel crowd as well.

  8. I also preordered it a couple months ago. I am really looking forward to it. I have read some of Miller’s Daredevil but not nearly enough.

  9. Preordered as well.

  10. Preordered as well.

  11. Preordered as well.

  12. I have the ever-rare “Born Again” trade upstairs, but I’ve never read the rest. If ever there was an Omnibus to buy sight unseen, this is probably it.

  13. I’m pretty sure this trade does not have Born Again in it. Born Again is an amazing story though. I just wish this Omnibus collected the kick as Frank Miller stories(Born Again, the Elektra Saga, Man Without Fear, etc.) instead of his entire run of issues.

    Again, I’ll page through this one when it comes out. Heck, I’m weak, I’ll probably buy it. 🙂

  14. Born Again is not in this. The Omnibus collects 158-191 and Born Again is 227-233

  15. Hmm, I would assume then that Born Again will be included in Omnibus 2 which would also include Man Without Fear. That would make sense given the similarity in tone.

  16. I’ve heard that there’s going to be an Omnibus Companion or a Volume 2. Any word on release date?

  17. Mine is on order from Amazon as well. The Book Market version looks much cooler than the Regular version. My biggest complains with Marvel TPBs and HCs is that they are so poorly designed and appear to be just slapped together. Look at a DC hardcover, especially the Absolutes, for a real example of what Marvel should be doing with their Omnibuses.

  18. I can’t wait for this. The only Miller DD I’ve read is The Man Without Fear, and since I’m a sucker for hardcovers this is made for me.

    I’ll be getting the companion too.

    So when are we getting a Brubaker HC?

  19. So when are we getting a Brubaker HC?

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Wildstorm, give us an Absolute Sleeper now!

  20. First off, Yaay Canada. This book does exist.

    Brubaker DD – Bendis is going around saying, much to my dismay, that they are switching to premier hard cover format for the Bru stuff. You tell me this now after I spend like $200 buying all the oversized hardcovers? Cool thanks

  21. Brubaker DD – Bendis is going around saying, much to my dismay, that they are switching to premier hard cover format for the Bru stuff. You tell me this now after I spend like $200 buying all the oversized hardcovers? Cool thanks

    I don’t recall seeing Bendis say that anywhere. Regardless, that seems unlikely, as previous Premiere HCs have come out BEFORE the trades (Fantastic Four went from oversized HCs on Waid’s run to a Premiere for JMS’s first arc). We’ve already got the first trade of Brubaker/Lark’s run, and the second is coming in April. I would imagine maybe October-ish we should see an oversized HC of DD #82-93.

  22. He said it in The Bendis Tapes on WordBalloon

  23. Well that just pisses me off. I’m getting it in singles but if they keep releasing the oversized hardcovers I’ll keep buying them. They’re great for re-reading and look great on my shelf. And as Benjamin Simpson said the release pattern for the premier seems to go Premier then softcover, with an oversized somewhere down the line (Millars Wolverine, Millars Marvel Knights Spider-Man.)

  24. This is mighty tempting even though I already have almost all of that run. I would gladly sell my single issues to raise the money to buy this Omnibus. Does anyone still buy back issues anymore?