Virgin Comics: CrossGen, Part Deux?

Virgin, the company on whose airplanes Josh and I flew to London last week, is getting into comics.

Solicitations can be found here.

The kinda clever ad can be found here.

The spectre of the debacle that was CrossGen looms large here. Very large. On the other hand, these comics seem to be coming from an Indian point of view, so that might be a refreshing change.


  1. This is sort of like Ross Perot running for President. More money to throw around on advertising than the Repulicans (DC?) and Democrats (Marvel?) Probably a limited splash for a little while and then it’s back to the Big 2.

    (I only picked the political parties based on the relative positions in the 60’s – those Marvel Hippies…)

  2. This isn’t the first time Virgin have referenced competitors in their advertising; soon after Virgin Cola’s launch they claimed that they had introduced a chemical into their drink which turned the can blue after it had passed it’s sell by date. This was in reaction to Pepsi’s soon to be launched new ‘blue cans’ (their old cans were grey).

  3. I’m all about the novelty of getting these books. I may pick one up. It’s like earlier this year, when I was at megacon, when Top Shelf started selling their first monthly action/adventure title. It took all of my will power not to get it.

  4. Do these comics wear little red outfits, come from northern England and feed you endlessly?

    Or is that just all of the flight attendants?

  5. Devi AND The Sadhu? Finally character’s with names I been waiting for! Oh ya, don’t forget snakewomen too, i’m sure she’ll slither her way into my heart. The Shakti line…(meaning “power”) might turn out to be a “Shakti”ful waste of time… Good Luck Virgin, all the best

  6. Did anyone read a lot of Crossgen? Was anyone into it?

    I read Mark Waid’s Ruse, and I think that was about it.