Have you missed Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Criminal like i have? For a long time I had it in my top five best series being pubiished, so I've missed it a whole lot.

But good news! It's coming back this summer!

Criminal: The Last Of The Innocent #1 is written by Ed Brubaker, drawn by Sean Phillips, and colored by Val Staples. 

Here's how Brubaker describes the new mini-series: “With each new Criminal arc we try to do something different. This time we're trying to make the ultimate crime comic, and what I mean by that is it's a story that only works as a comic. Yes, it's about sex and obsession and murder, but it's also about nostalgia for the past and things lost, using tropes of old kids comics and 50s era crime comics, but putting our brutal Criminal spin over it all. It's by far the most ambitious thing we've done. The history of crime comics is inextricably linked to Dr. Wertham's book, so I decided to take the innocent days of youth and put them through all of Wertham's worst fears.”

Check out a special two-page teaser:



  1. I’m with you Connor, very excited about the return of Criminal. Also hoping this means that after it’s collected there will be another Deluxe HC Edition.

  2. This looks amazing. Then again it’s Criminal

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Why did you ever go away!? 

  4. Yes! One of my favorite series! Each arc gets better and better.

  5. Look. at. that. cover!

  6. I hope this is an ongoing again since Brubaker said a while back that Criminal and Incognito would be rotating mini series

  7. That art looks reeeeeeeaaaaaaaal pretty.  

  8. oh, man, that looks fantastic

  9. It’s been so long, but at least the boys should be recharged and the series will be nothing short of excellent. just love the colour and tone Phillips managed in that cover.  Beautiful.

  10. YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!  I love Criminal.  Can. Not. Wait.

  11. I’m in.  There was a time when I would say that about anything that Brubaker was doing, but not so much lately.  On Criminal his heart really still seems in it though, so I’ll be getting this until he and Philips stop making them.

  12. Brubaker/Phillips/Staples team has not failde me yet. Even the book I didn’t like (Incognito vol 1), they redeemed it(the cureent mini is SOOOOO good!)

  13. Awesome. Can’t wait.

  14. Not enough people buy it to justify an ongoing.

    At the time Incognito sold much better, so they devoted more time to that concept.

    I’m just glad it is back.

  15. Now I have a will to live! lol


  17. Incidentally, someone at my university’s cafeteria yesterday looked *exactly* like ed brubaker, trenchcoat and all. He didn’t have the hat, BUT he had his hood up. I think it was a sign of the goodness to come.

  18. @itsbecca  did you get his number?

  19. I love how I knew about this almost 2 months ago, but it’s nice to see that cover, teaser and some plot details.