Countdown to San Diego: Erik Larsen Gives Advice

With just a little more than week to go before the San Diego Comic-Con, Image Comics publisher and Savage Dragon creator, Erik Larsen gives some advice on how to talk to a creator at a convention.

Seems kind of silly, but even I have stumbled and stammered through an awkward conversation with a comics creator, and it sure isn’t fun.

His advice about buying them a beer seems to be the most commonly agreed upon thing by all creators in terms of conventions. The stuff about introducing your sister, is, well, a little weird.


  1. My first job after college was as a PA at a cable studio. My job was to take care of the guests that came in to be on the various shows we shot. We had all kinds of guests in and out and I never got nervous or bumbling around the actors or musicians or politicians (except the time I found Jamie Luner perched on my desk batting her eyes at me, but that’s a whole other story), but I became Jerry Lewis (but more clumsy) when Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti and Brian Micahel Bendis came in to be interviewed.

    Weird, no?

  2. Jamie Luner’s hot.
    I’d be all about meeting anyone who was on Growing Pains

  3. And she knows it, too.

  4. This past April I had a chance to meet Bendis at the Pittsburgh Comicon. I didn’t have anything I wanted to getted signed, but a friend of mine did and I waited in line with him. I was amazed at the volume of trades and issues that people will present to be signed. Some people stacked stuff two feet high and Bendis signed it all. I was amazed, the guy’s hand has to be really hurting at the end of the day. When it was our turn, I told him how great I thought Daredevil was and that I was really enjoying New Avengers. He thanked me. Then I threw “I can’t believe you killed Hawkeye!!!,” at him and he laughed. He said this year he was getting heat for killing Alpha Flight. He got that I am not a die hard Hawkeye fan and I was just messing with him. Even though I didn’t get anything signed, I walked away with something personal, I was proud of my little witty banter with one of the coolest guys in the buisness and to have the oppurtunity to let him know I was a fan.

  5. I told Larsen “You’re really good.” and he signed some of my marvel cards and my Amazing Spiderman #300 where he takes on Doctor Doom.
    Larsen RULES.
    and he’s BALD

  6. i’ve been behind the table for a couple years, selling my crappy little self-published books, and the only thing that’s really annoying is someone who WON’T GO AWAY!
    they come, chat for a bit, buy a sketch or a book and then…just …stay there.
    hover around the table, or worse, block the table entirely so no one else can see what i’m peddlin’.
    if we’re having a conversation, awesome. i loves it..but don’t just do the little hover-dance.

  7. Being on the other side of the table going through the self publishers is like going to a kennel full of cages of dogs about to be put down, but you can only save 1 or 2. They’ve all got those sad eyes….