DEADLINE: Submit Your “Avengers vs. X-Men: Playtime’s Over” Entry By Thursday!

I was scrolling through Facebook earlier today when I came upon this great photo from our good friend Pat Loika.

Photo: Pat Loika

Through the magic of Instagram, Pat staged a tableau that may very well forecast a moment in Marvel’s upcoming Avengers Vs. X-Men event. Hell, it’d actually make for a terrific in-house ad. The attention to detail in these toys is just…uncanny.

So, here’s what I’m thinking. A lot of comic readers have toys and statues lying around. Take some of yours and stage a scene you’d like to see in Avengers vs. X-Men. Maybe it’s one-on-one. Maybe the numbers aren’t quite so even. It can be a serious match-up like this one or something totally ridiculous. Don’t worry if the action figures aren’t as photo-real as Pat’s either. Just have fun and tell a story.

Be creative. Take a great photo of the big money moment or a series of photos telling a story (No more than three, okay?). Have a little more time and resources on your hands? Make a video, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and send in the link (no time limit, but if it’s feature length it better butter my popcorn). Use toys, action figures, statues, Pez dispensers, whatever. You want to dress up in a costume? Who am I to crush your creative endeavors? Well, technically I’m the judge, but let’s say I’ll allow it.

Some rules:

Only Marvel characters. At least one from each side of the thing. Let’s stay on message here. If you need to use Buzz and Woody as extras, okay, but there is a time and place for Batman and this isn’t it.

Keep it relatively clean. You and your language.

Don’t send me captured video from any iteration of  Marvel vs. Capcom. Clowns.

Depending on response and what kind of weird nonsense you jokers send in, we may choose finalists in different categories. One prize for video. One prize for photography. Maybe even one for funniest or most out-there idea.

In the end, iFanboy readers (thas you) will select a winner or winner(s) from a group of finalists. A winner or winner(s) will get a big stack of comics. More details on the prize as we come closer to the deadline, which is….

March 1st!

Submit one entry per person with the subject line “AvX Contest” to yours (mostly) truly,

Questions? Post ’em here.

UPDATE: You can always check out our current list of contests on our official contest page. Just go to the “Community” tab up top and click on “iFanboy Contests.” Contests.


  1. Damn, excellent idea. The only toy I have is rather angry looking Beast. If I find an Avenger, I’ll see if I can throw something together.

  2. I am reminded of this:

    Good luck beating THAT!

  3. Drat, I knew I should have kept my actions figures from when I was a kid!!!

  4. Thas an amazing picture. I actually thought it was CG at first! Great job Pat!

  5. mwahahahaha… MWAHAHAHAHA!

  6. This sounds awesome. I can’t wait to see these.

  7. I don’t own a single Avengers figure.

    Sad WheelHands.

  8. I now have an excuse to buy another action figure. Thanks Paul!

  9. Now every time I look at my Batwoman and Green Lantern Statues I’m gonna think, “This is your fault I didn’t win”. Then I’ll realize i’m angry at toys and my life will never be the same.

  10. Is this contest open to only ifanboy members that have made a payment to join the ifanboy club?

  11. challenge accepted.

    does it have to be a current avenger or x-men, or can it be one from the past?

  12. should we include a mailing address in the e-mail?

  13. I’m hoping to see a dramatic fight with wolverine vs beast with huge conflcit in interest on this….. “non event”
    non event
    no event
    This is an event isn’t it?

  14. for inspiration Black Widow Gone Wild

  15. Since the video show is on hiatus I wouldn’t mind watching an episode dedicated to this contest or a series of episodes (1 or 2 entries per ep).

    What do folks think?

    Inspired idea, Paul et al.

  16. Pat Loika? BOOOOO!

  17. Is this open for international entries?

    • Unfortunately this one is restricted to domestic entries, just given the weight of the comics. In the future I’ll prep some contests open to everybody though.

      Unless you just want to enter this one strictly for bragging rights… 😉

  18. This is an awesome idea! Me and my little brother are currently coming up with our plot as we speak.
    But first we had a question, if it worked with the story would it be okay to let certain characters use certain items that may not actually exist in the MU? Like light sabers

  19. Am I allowed to photoshop my image?

    Also…Is wolverine on team avengers or team x-men???