Conspiracy Theories At Marvel (UPDATED)

Now, I’m going to freely admit, I don’t know nearly enough of the details about this situation, but it appears as if some of the editorial decisions made recently at Marvel have got Paty Cockrum (wife of the legendary Dave Cockrum) pretty upset.

A lot of her accusations are pretty bold, with names and keywords used like Claremont, Quesada, Millar, Wolverine, Anti-Semitism, conspiracy, boycott and House of M. Either way, looks like a storm could be brewing.

This should be a fun one to watch.

UDATE: Read her previous column to get the beginnings of the story.

UPDATE #2: Paty apologizes for insinuating that Joe Quesada is anti-Semitic.

As I mentioned, there’s probably a lot more to this situation than we’re aware of, but some of the timelines and practices she describes by Marvel seem to make sense in terms of direction things have been going over the past months.


  1. someone must have mentioned she was batshit to her.

    I can’t tell what she means when she says that horrible things have happened under Joe. Does she mean to the characters or the creators?

    Because it sounds to me like she’s just a superfan who doesn’t want to let go of the “integrity” of the characters.

  2. I think she’s taken offense to what’s been done to the characters, and by product of that what’s been done to Claremont…

  3. she’s an UBER fan.

  4. An uber-SOMETHING, that’s for sure.

  5. Damn. I don’t remember the exact story, but she basically went nutzo on the current regime at Marvel, going so far as to call them anti-semitic:

    There’s also her website, which might win the award for worst website ever built.