Conor appears on FUZZY TYPEWRITER talking SHERLOCK and LUTHER

The tables have been turned this week as I made a guest appearance on Paul Montgomery's podcast, Fuzzy Typewriter!

I joined Paul and co-host Dave Accampo to talk about the BBC's Sherlock and Luther.

You can download the show directly here. Or subscribe on iTunes!

Sherlock is the reimagining of the classic detective story set in modern day London and brought to you by Steven Moffat, who is one of the people behind the latest version of Doctor Who, and Mark Gatiss. The three episode series stars the fantastically named Benedict Cumberbatch as the modern day Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as his sidekick Dr. John Watson.

Luther is a six episode mini-series (now extended to a second series consisting of two two hour episodes) about the emotionally volatile Detective Chief Inspector Luther in London who lives on the edge of good and… not so good. It stars Stringer Bell Idris Elba and is created by Neal Cross, one of the lead writers on the excellent series Spooks (or MI-5, depending on where you live).

Despite being high on cold medicine which made me more mumbly than usual, I had a lot of fun talking about these shows with Paul and Dave. Give it a listen!



  1. Martin ‘I do a million voice-overs for adverts on UK TV because it is essentially free money’ Freeman.

  2. @Jordan0061  And Benedict “No seriously, what the hell kind of a last name is Cumberbatch?” Cumberbatch

  3. Thanks for joining us, Conor. It was a good time, even if Paul did make me wear a tie because his “boss” was on the show. 😉

  4. Yet another reason to listen to FuzzyTypewriter.

  5. I think you will find Cumberbatch is a proud Northern English name! Sherlock is bloody brilliant! Episodes are a bit long if its a school night, but well worth staying up late!

  6. Very much looking forward to this podcast! I bought the Sherlock dvd after hearing so many great things about the series — havent had a chance to watch it yet. And…after seeing one random ad image, I thought “Luther” was going to be a docudrama about Martin Luther King. D’oh. I feel weird and disappointed.

  7. Great episode all round gents.  I loved Sherlock to bits and while I enjoyed Luthor, I did think it had all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it (although couldn’t help feeling that some of his actions were borderline domestic violence), but I’ve definitely seen better writing. (Like in the aforementioned Sherlock).

  8. I’ve really been enjoying Fuzzy Typewriter recently, it’s a great podcast! Having Conor on to talk about one of my favourite recent discoveries (Luther) can only sweeten the deal!

  9. @odare77   – For me, Luther was all about my fascination with the main character and how his emotions give him great empathy but also make his life extremely difficult. I loved the first episode, which resolves in a rather unusual way. I dunno. I really enjoyed Sherlock quite a bit, but something about Luther just captivated me. Maybe it was the sense that you get that Luther has no idea what he’s going to do exactly, until he does it, and then it’s usually something just slightly different from what I’d expect.

    That’s me, anyway. I had no problems with the writing, other than what we discussed (the other police being fairly cardboard until it came time to give them character).

  10. Just put these in my Netflix queue. Thanks fellas.