Coming soon to a wall near you: ‘SIN CITY’ posters

Two posters are out to promote the film version of Frank Miller’s Sin City.

Click to see the two posters.

sincity1[1].jpg sincity2[1].jpg


  1. It’s funny because these are really nice, but all things being equal, I’d rather have the Miller renderings of the same shots. If they’re just straight up copies of the comic pages, I, as a comic lover, would much rather have the artwork. But if you never read the comic and dug the flick, these would be pretty good.

    Also, I don’t think I could put a big shot of Willis on the wall anymore. He’s a Bush man after all. I’m having the same issues with Mel Gibson now.

    Whoops, I just got political again.

  2. btw, anyone see this?

    Looks like it’s a ways off. I noticed it because I rented Dawn of the Dead, and it’s the same director. That would be his 2nd film…

  3. Jesus, I can’t imagine a film version of 300, that would be insane

    Looks like Frank Miller’s hollywood ship is coming in huh?

  4. Let’s hope it doesn’t dock where Alan Moore’s ship was set in.

  5. Is that Ben Gardner’s boat?


    Zack Snyder has turned in some pre-test test footage for “300” to the LA arm of a London Post Production Facility. Warners have signed for it, so it’s gonna be a Warners film, it seems. Next step is for him to shoot a bigger test of the “big scenes.”

    Apparently he is going for something of a comic book aesthetic.

    Talking to UGO, Zack said, “I was just on the phone with Frank [Miller] yesterday talking about the script that my partner, Kurt Johnstad, and I wrote. We got his take on it because we are doing a rewrite. The script is based almost exactly on the comic book, and all we did was add a second story with King Leonidas’ wife trying to rally the troops to support her husband. We wanted a little more girl-power in the movie.

    “The thing about the ‘300’ comic book is that it is rendered a bit more like reality than ‘Sin City.’ Yes, it’s stylized, but not to the extent that ‘Sin City’ is.”

    And, “We’ve done some conceptual art for the movie so far. We did a maquette of Ephialtes and he looks exactly as he does in the comic book. We’ve also been working on the immortals.”

    Working on the immortals? Is that some form of euphemism that escapes me?