Comics Podcast Crossover! iFanboy invades ‘The Uncanny X-Cast’

Itching for more X-Men talk? I had the distinct pleasure of joining Brian and Rob, the hosts of The Uncanny X-Cast. If you head over to their site, it doesn’t say anything about my appearance, but subscribe to their feed or find them in iTunes and I’m on the latest episode — honest.

If you’re an X-Men fan, then you definitely have to listen to this podcast — they do a great job and I had a blast appearing on it.
I hope I didn’t babble too much — it’s scary how once you start chatting for a few minutes all those memories and useless info comes back to the forefront.


  1. OH sweet! I love that show, podcasts have been awesome lately.

  2. Ron
    You are a fountain of an unholy amount of X-men knowledge..Nice job man

  3. I’ll check out the crossover… never heard the x-cast before. I just hope I don;t like it so much that it will get me to start buying the X-men… yikes!

  4. Hey Ron!

    Great interview! You really know your X-Stuff! Now lets get some more X-Books for the pick of the week!


    aka RemyLeBeau on X-Cast Forums!

  5. Great show!

    First episode of the Uncanny X-Cast I tuned into, but it was so good I had to listen to another one tonight.

    I completely share Ron’s love for Mimic. Not only was he the first new student outside of the originals and the first to get kicked off the team, but he was basically Wolverine 10 years before Logan first appeared!

    I just wish we could forget everything that’s happened to the character since he resurfaced in the 90s (captured by Onslaught, then a friend of Excalibur, even attends the wedding of Brian and Meggan, and then he becomes a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?!). And I’m not a big fan of the new hobo Jesus look either.

    Calvin was never really a villain back in the day. Sure he was a selfish bastard, but not a bad guy.

    This character just has sooo much potential between his history with the X-Men, his powers and his personality that it’s a real shame that no one has made him a high profile player in one of the books yet.

    And on the whole I think those Thomas, Friedrich and Drake issues are terribly underrated. Sure there’s a lot of Silver Age goofiness, but I think that there’s a lot of cool stuff there that could be turned into great stories by a good writer.

    Why can’t just someone make El Tigre, Locust, Mekano or even Mutant Master an interesting villain, instead of having the X-Men fight Magneto, the Brotherhood or a tribe of evil mutants how aren’t really mutants for the zillionth time?