Comics, conventions and summer camp friends, oh my!

It’s Friday and I am preparing to head off to WonderCon in San Francisco.  This weekend marks the beginning of another convention season and more importantly my triumphant return to San Francisco– the last time I was in San Fran was for my honeymoon nearly 8 years ago. As if those circumstances were not special enough – my week in Northern California was even more memorable because I had a broken leg. Not just a little broken, either. It was badly broken in three places and I was bound to crutches for a 6 week period. This begs the obvious question – was my leg broken for my wedding and if so, how and when did it break? More importantly, why write this little anecdote on iFanboy?

My leg was broken Thursday evening as all the groomsmen were on their way to pick up their tuxedos. It was nothing crazy like a drunken bachelor party. As a matter of fact it was just two good friends having a bear hug on the way out the door. That hug turned into a little stumble then a crack of bone and finally lots of tears from my bride to be. Still – why write about it on iFanboy? Simple. Ron is the one that broke my leg. How’s that for friendship? Actually, Ron still feels badly about this incident and I have all but forgotten.

Not really.

So my last trip to San Francisco consisted of crutches and wheelchairs, cable cars coming to complete stops and riding the special handicapped tram to the top of Alcatraz. This trip promises to be drastically different.

My first order of business will be to visit James Sime at Isotope. I have had the pleasure of meeting James and his crew at San Diego conventions in years past and the rumors that surround James and his store lounge have intrigued me. Ron and others have attempted to verify the mystery that is Isotope, but in fact I have stopped listening. I am under the impression that it needs to be experienced not described. So I am just going to let my anticipation grow a little while longer and then I will be sure to offer a full report next week.

Second thing on my list is to visit the Revision3 studios. If you are not familiar with Revision3 they are the great people that host and distribute iFanboy, our video podcast.

Finally there is the WonderCon. Conventions mean all sorts of things to different people. Some people like to get sketches from young and aspiring artists/creators, some people are more attracted to meeting the big names that make themselves available at the conventions. There are, of course, the panels – will there be breaking or exciting news – or will Marvel and DC just confirm something that we have all been speculating for weeks? And then there is just the madness and mayhem that can be the con floor.

The floor is my favorite part. I have not been to WonderCon – and I know that it is smaller than San Diego, but I am still excited. You see, when you go to the conventions you start meeting all kinds of people and they become your “summer camp.”


  1. Have a good time in SF, and when you see Ron dont let him give you a bear hug.

  2. Sounds like a pretty kickarse weekend good sir. Have fun, stay safe. Cherish the memories.

  3. Don’t let Ron break your other leg this trip!

  4. My buddy had to postpone his wedding because two days before the wedding we had his party and the strippers used lots of Sharpies.  Use your imagination.  His wife was not happy and still hasn’t forgiven me. 

    I’m getting the itch.  No not that itch, the doctor took care of that.  I mean the itch to hit the conventions this season, but since the only one worth a shit in my area is Chicago I probably won’t be go anywhere.  Bleh.

    Another great article by the intern.  


  5. good read.

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to a con, but lack two necessities:

    1) A con that is within a reasonable drive from my house…I can’t afford the plane tickets or the time off work.

    2) Someone to go with…it’s lonely being the only comic book reader I know.

    Some day though, I will conquer a con floor.  My money’s on when I have kids, and maybe my son/daughter and I can hit the circuit together.

  7. @Neb – Where are your from?

  8. @ Quentin- St. Louis…While I know there are some regionally that would be within driving distance, work and life make it hard for me to set aside a weekend to go to these things.  Also, if I go, I want to go to one of the biggies. 

  9. @neb – i’m right there with you. i live in alaska and the closest thing to me is a 5 hour plane trip or a 4 day drive through canada. and i have no friends who read comics, except my oldest daughter, so we might go one day.


  10. I understand, and I sometimes take for granted living near Albany, NY that NYC is so close. I know funding for a trip to a con is no joke either. I really wanted to fly out to San Diego this year, but that’s close to a G for hotel and airfare, so it’s back to NY this year! It’s tough finding people to go with too, and I know someone could quote Bendis saying differently, but trucking it alone might have it’s advantages, because you’d be free to do as you please. Plus if you’re hitting up one of the major ones, it’s likely that iFanboy will be there hosting an event, so it’d be like there are friends waiting for you. If you can make it happen, I think you’ll really enjoy yourself, it’s just about the thickest one can immerse themselves’ in the world of comics.

  11. @ gordon: I was thinking the same thing about the summer camp friend syndrome and I totally think we shared an awkward moment, don’t you?

    Ok, I’ll uh…see ya later. 

  12. @Haupt – I feel like the whole weekend was awkward…and I’m not even sure it actually happened.

  13. hey Gordon–


    it happened. But I promise not to tell anyone. 

  14. I will be attendeing my first major comic con this year, in NYC. I am a born again comic reader after a 6 year falling out, so i will be attending this year NYC comic con with great anticipation, even though I will be venturing to it solo; no comic friends, and it would be easier getting my gf into a threesome than a comic con. Any how very excited for this years event.

  15. @Gordon – You should have tons of fun in San Fran.  I visited my bro out there in the fall and had tons of fun, granted there was no con going on.  I did get to see Revision3 though, some cool people up there.

    Have Fun

    I hope to go to Chicago this year.  It has been too long since I have been to a good comic convention.