Hello, and welcome to Job Evaluations. We stumbled upon a box of files here at the iFanboy HQ. Inside that box were performance reviews for jobs kept by many of the characters we read about week to week. Let’s dive in!

Today’s evaluation:

NAME: Dinah Lance


PLACE OF BUSINESS: The Sherwood Florist


EVALUATED BY: Loretta Smithwick, local gardener


I used to stop by the Sherwood Florist at least once a week to pick up materials for my garden. Dinah was the sweetest young lady and was always helpful when she was there. Of course I had to correct her several times when I stopped in. Not everyone knows that White Tulips are not meant to be hybrids with other other flowers. I heard her recommend that to another customer and just had to come by and set her straight. Which Dinah of course seemed to be very thankful. Everyone loves to be corrected if it’s done appropriately and courteously.

It wasn’t the cleanest store in the West Oaks Strip mall but it was a Floral Shop, not a restaurant. I wasn’t walking around giving it a white glove test or anything. Although, I do have to say that if I ran a flower shop that I would never be that disorganized. Everything always seemed out of place but I am also just very organized lady. I can’t help it. I will have to show my Christmas decorations in the garage the next time you visit.

Like I mentioned before I had to correct Dinah several times when she was talking to customers. I would stand right over her shoulder and watch her help someone organize the bouquet. I would then help a bit. I would say stuff like “You sure have a lot of roses bunched up in the corner over there.” or “Maybe we should go a little easy on the baby’s breath and also lay off the donuts.” She loved me.

CLIENTELE: Very, Very Nice
There were always such a wonderful, handsome men and women that would come in to say hello to Dinah. There was this one gentleman in particular who was as charming as could be. He would come in buy a bunch of flowers and then hand them right back to her. He also had a lovely little van dyke goatee that reminded me of my late husband, Melvin’s facial hair. She also had these other young ladies that would come in. I found them all sweet things but they did dress slightly inappropriately.  Low cut blouses and short skirts. I have always said you send a message to the world when you dress like that. I would say that to Dinah a lot. Especially when she would wear those stockings, what are they called? Fishnets or something?

Dinah was always efficient with getting my business done and getting me out of the shop quickly. She would ring me up so fast that I would say “It’s like you are trying to get rid of me or something?” Then I would stand and gossip about my neighbors or I tell her about this new email that I had been forwarded concerning our president of the united states. She said she didn’t have a computer though. So I could forward her all those emails.

Unfortunately the Sherwood Florist is no longer in the West Oaks Strip Mall, it’s now a Starbucks. I have to go to the local Home Depot and it isn’t the same. There is nowhere to sit and chat about Hydrangeas and they really don’t know what they are talking about.  So Dinah, please bring back the Sherwood Florist. I also miss that handsome gentleman. Bring him back too.

I stopped the Florist game when I moved back to Star City.  I was a little tired of doing it and I accidentally destroyed my shop when I stubbed my toe one night. This “Sonic Scream” is actually more trouble then it is worth.


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  1. Nice.

  2. Are you sure Loretta isn’t the Church Lady? She’s kind of an old bitch.

  3. Oh, Loretta you had me at “Everyone loves to be corrected if it’s done appropriately and courteously.” Nice. Very very nice.

  4. i only know her from all star batman and robin, but wasn’t she a bartender?

  5. Ok so Dinah needs to run a florist again and Olly needs to regularly dropped by purely so we can have this woman hanging around the shop being annoying just to bump into him so she can gratuitously perv and flirt. That would be comic gold. Please someone make this happen.