Comic Book Casting: The HACK/SLASH Movie

Horror comics are already heating up the small screen with AMC’s The Walking Dead, but there’s more to horror than just zombies and Hack/Slash can scratch that itch. Created in 2004 by Tim Seeley, this long-running independent series features a raven-haired girl who goes from slasher victim to slasher hunter as a barbaric, take-no-prisoner killer of, well, killers. It’s Dexter if done by a young John Carpenter, and its continually been on the cusp of a feature film but has never been given the green light.

Enough waiting around for Hollywood. Let’s plan out the movie ourselves.

The Concept:

A serial killer of serial killers? You can look no further than the hit series Dexter to see that in action, but Hack/Slash takes it to the next gory (and campy) step. Cassie and Vlad could be the fan-friendly faces of a hit horror franchise that wouldn’t need a big budget to get the story across. The first film could be set-up to follow an evil serial killer and the movie would then take a hard right turn following the empowered Cassie (and Vlad) chasing that killer in a game of cat and mouse.

The Director:

This wades into the campy horror genre quite deeply, but you need a director who can focus on the realism and not be bogged down and go too campy. For this, I’d get Runaways director Floria Sigismondi. Sigismondi first broke in doing horror-tinged photography and made her name early on directing Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People video, and after becoming one of the most in-demand music video directors she parlayed that into the aforementioned Runaways. Hack/Slash would be a fun way for Sigismondi to return to her roots and play up the visual cues of the comic on the screen.

The Cast:

Cassie Hack – Krysten Ritter: If you follow Breaking Bad you know Ritter as Jesse’s first girlfriend who died from an overdose. Since then she’s played in a string of movies and television shows, but has yet to find the next chapter to push her career to the next level. Stepping into the fishnet-clad role of Cassie could be the role of a lifetime for Ritter and really play up to her looks and her rebellious spirit.

Vlad – Kellan Lutz: Lutz broke out from the menagerie of young Hollywood with his role as Emmett Cullen in the Twilight movies. Since then he’s come close to playing starring roles in Captain America and Conan the Barbarian but was ultimately passed over. Given his past roles in supernatural and horror films, I’d love to see Lutz try on a unique role like Vlad and play it up in a Tim Burton sort of way.


  1. I picked Ritter as well in a Comicvine forum, a long time ago! She’s just to perfect for the part! I Don’t know about Vlad though, I’d go for not-so-cute wrestler mammoth. The villains should definitively be the Lunchlady and the Nef (we need Pooch), or Mary Shelley Lovecraft.

  2. I want Alison Scagliotti for Cassie. She was campaigning for it on Twitter and I think she’d be perfect,

    • I agree…she’s still the person I think of every time I read H/S. I think that Ritter is the hot choice right now because of her new TV show, but Scagliotti fills the shoes better in my opinion

    • I developed a crush on Alison Scagliotti back in her Drake and Josh days. I think she’s great, and I saw her interviewed on some show and she was geeky and kinda weird, so she would probably be a great fit.

      Not that Ritter is is tied up with “Don’t trush the B…” on ABC, she might not be available.

  3. While I would love to see a Hack/Sash movie, I cannot endorse neither Krysten Ritter nor Alison Scagliotti for the role of Cassie Hack. I gotta give a nomination to Kat Dennings for that role. Maybe my love of big naturals is making me partial on this one, though…

  4. I love Krysten Ritter (and I mean that) but she’s in her 30s (great genes) Too old, unfortunately

    • I don’t know who I’d cast for Cassie and Vlad. It is such a cool comic and whomever did the movie would need to capture the grittiness/campiness of the comic as well as Cassie’s tougness/sexiness and Vlad’screepiness.

  5. For an article discussing a comic that is nothing at all like Dexter, there sure are a lot of Dexter references to be found. What parallels are being drawn?

    • Just read the original article:

      “A serial killer of serial killers? You can look no further than the hit series Dexter to see that in action, but Hack/Slash takes it to the next gory (and campy) step.”

      I understand if you think it’s nothing like Dexter, but the root of both concepts are fairly similar. I doubt you could find another comic that comes closer to Dexter than this one does.