Internet Trailer: ‘CLERKS 2’

Not sure if anyone cares anymore, but the internet trailer for Clerks 2 is out.

You’ll find varying opinions on this from iFanboy, I believe Conor is “over it,” Josh is probably somewhere in the middle, and I’ll probably go see this in the theaters, grasping onto some sentiment of nostalgia for 1994.

Say what you will, but Jason Lee is in it and he makes me laugh.

I did read a funny comment on another blog asking when Dante turned into David Brent…


  1. Jason Lee is funny in the trailer, but when is Jason Lee not funny? He rules.

    But, yeah, I’m pretty much over it. Would I go see it if a bunch of my friends were going? Sure. But I’m not going to make plans to see it.

    Dante *did* turn into David Brent.

  2. Having not watched the trailer yet…but just the teaser:

    I’ll totally go see this. I’m over it in the sense that I’m not a Kevin Smith fanboy anymore, but I still think he’s funny. But I’m sure this will be fun enough. Just from the LOTR joke at the end of the teaser, it’s likely they’re going to take this with a bit of self referential irony, and perhaps it will be a bit more grown up, which I’m sure I’ll appreciate. If it’s the same thing over and over without the newer perspective, I’m sure it will disappoint some.

    It’s amazing that I don’t remember Jason Lee without a moustache anymore.

    Brent..yeah? Trust given…responsibility received, yeah?

  3. Hmm, watched trailer. It was not as intriguing as the teaser.

    And that blonde girl is not ever going to be dating Dante. Not even in Jersey.

  4. Woohoo, Clerks! I love this movie, and it’s one of my all time favorites. Now, the only concern I have is that it will lose a little bit of it’s charm, from the old movie when they just had multiple meaningless conversations. This seems like it COULD have a little bit more of a conventianal plot, but that could still play out really well.

    Don’t get me wrong, I will totally go see Clerks II. And it’ll probably be a great movie. But we’ll have to wait until August to truly find out.

  5. Am I truly the only one filled with despair over this?

  6. I’m not full of despair, but I can certainly understand where you’re coming from. It’s a great irony that J&SBSB was to be the last, and after only one movie, he had to return to the well. But it doesn’t surprise me.

    Basically, I see Kevin Smith as a unique and interesting person who is very funny. His movies are best when he’s using them to channel his own personality. Perhaps these are the only types of movies that he can make which are any good.

  7. Given how much you guys have talked about Bendis’ Daredevil, do you have anything to say about Kevin Smith’s run on the title? All that I have ever heard is hype. I did read Smith’s run on Green Arrow and I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t overly impressed by it.

    As for his films, they were funny when I was in high school, not as much anymore. However, when I watch Smallville and there is a Clark/Lana love scene, Brodie’s “Like a shotgun line,” always comes to mind and I chuckle.

  8. We mentioned it briefly during one of the podcasts, but Kevin Smith’s Daredevil definitely lived up to the hype. It’s his best comics work to date. It really laid the groundwork for the good stuff that Bendis was able to do.

    I agree with you about the films – they were funnier when I was in my early 20s.

  9. Third on that summation of his work.

    Daredevil really was excellent. I would give Green Arrow a “B”. And that’s about all I’ve ever finished of his.

    All that being said, if you ever have a chance to see Smith speak, go. He’s a fantastic speaker and storyteller. Like it was said in the other thread, rent An Evening with Kevin Smith, and you’ll be quite entertained.

  10. Surprisingly, I still enjoy Smith’s movies as much as I did in college (about 9 years ago). Chasing Amy is a great movie. The rest may not be on quite the same level, but still make me laugh when I watch them. And yes, An Evening With Kevin Smith is hilarious. 2 stories in particular had me rolling – the one about his first time with his wife, and the one about meeting Prince.

    As for his comics – I tend to agree with the majority: Daredevil great, Green Arrow good. And, God help me, I did read all of Spider Man / Black Cat. Besides taking 3 years to come out, it wasn’t even good. Don’t bother with that mini.

  11. And yes, An Evening With Kevin Smith is hilarious. 2 stories in particular had me rolling – the one about his first time with his wife, and the one about meeting Prince.

    He told that Prince story in San Diego when Team iFanboy saw him speak. It’s a good story and very funny – like most of his stories. The only problem was the next year, he told a lot of the same stuff again. I realize that’s a problem with most people who speak for a living, but it’s one reason why I don’t feel the need to rent that DVD.

  12. I think I’m disappointed in Kevin. Yes, his creations come through his personal experience. And has he married and bred, I worried his fame would effect the products he output (think how Rosanne Barr’s hilarity dropped in direct proportions to the size of finanical worth).

    I knew Jersey Girls was going to fail – it had nothing to do with the script, acting, subject or movie. It wasn’t Jay and Silent Bob. Keven was going to have to go back to creating a new fanbase.

    He’s one of the best writers. He could’ve done it, but instead, he opted to go back to his fans. He chickened out, something I never thought he’d do.

  13. My issue with Kevin is that he’s never tried to be more than he was. He genuinely seems scared to do something other than a stationary camera dialogue piece. I would have loved to see him do Daredevil or Green Hornet. I know sometimes these weren’t his choices, but I think his own fear made others fear for his ability. How is it that there are small time directors taking on large films all the time with success but Kevin has never even tried?

  14. Yea, I’m pretty over Kevin Smith now too. I’ll see the movie, but I’m not waiting on pins and needles or anything.

    I do like Jason Lee and Jason Mewes. Funny guys and Smith’s dialogues are funny. Not really great for a plot, but the dialogue is what makes you smile at his movies. No evidence of any other aspect of a good movie, as far as I could tell. But it’s good enough to make me go back and see it, so what do I know?

  15. He’s going to end up as a talk show personality I think. Because he’s not a “filmmaker” perse. It’s not really “cinema” that he makes, at least not traditionally. In that sense, he’s an experimental filmmaker I guess.

  16. I agree that he is not a classic filmmaker. But after 10+ years, he could so something more than just a dialogue piece. Love him or hate him, Robert Rodriguez has at least moved all over the place and made a wide variety of films. He started out as ‘low budget action man’ and is now ‘virtual reality CG man’. He’s at least pushing into new territory.

  17. I would actually say that Rodriguez (a close friend of Smith) is the polar opposite. He can’t even be categorized. He does action movies, then Sin City, and also a hugely successful children’s franchise just for kicks. And when he does a movie, he writes, shoots, directs, edits, does the effects and the music for it. He’s an uber-filmmaker. Now, this isn’t to say that I really love his work, but you can’t tell me he’s not putting in the effort.

  18. I am not sure if I made my point clearly then, i agree with you completely. Love him or hate him, he at least tries new things and I respect that.