‘Civil War’ Delay Repercussions – OR – The Revenge of ‘Cable/Deadpool’

This has nothing to do with this week’s Pick of the Week, which is Josh’s this week (and I’m sure he’s reading his books right now!) but we felt this deserved talking about before the POW or the podcast.

So even after my disasterous pick of Cable/Deadpool #30, I had to pick up the new issue. I made it about two-thirds of the way through the book and had to stop and go look at Civil War #3. We may have our first instance of the delayed publishing schedule affecting the story, I think Cable/Deadpool #30 may have ruined a plot point in Civil War #4.


If you click through, you will see the panels in question as well as my theory as to what happened. If you don’t want Civil War possibly spoiled, don’t click!

Below are the panels in question, scanned from Cable/Deadpool #31. I don’t know if any of the other sites have picked this up (it’s probably been on Newsarama‘s boards for hours) but I’m too lazy to go check and I’d rather to hear what you all think.

In the issue, Cable reveals that a member of the resistance has died and he infers that it was Thor that killed him or her.

I read this and thought, “huh?” and ran to Civil War #3 and no one died in that issue!

So I emailed Conor and he pointed out the solicitation for Civil War #4: “Civil War #4 features a major death.” Now, Cable never says who it is that dies, but the last pages of Civil War #3 feature Hercules getting struck by lightning right before Thor appears.

So did Hercules die? What do you think?

Check out the panels below, click to see a larger version:


  1. i was flippin through civil war x-men 2 and herc is in it. i’m pretty sure it takes place after civil war 3 so i don’t think he died (yet). plus there was his appearance in wonder woman…

  2. I think you’re up a tree with this theory. Besides, I wouldn’t call Hercules a major character. Who cares about him? Besides, I bet he could take a lighting bolt.

    Then again, maybe I’m just trying to differentiate myself from you since no one can tell us apart.

  3. This was my biggest problem with the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man (as well as Civil War: X-Men #2. In both issues we see that Cap and pretty much the entire resistance gets away from the battle at the end of Civil War #3. I just hope that whoever dies is more significant that Bantam (who’s name I had to look up) in FrontLine.

  4. No way is Hercules taking a dirt nap from a lightning bolt.

    That may be possibly the only time in my life that I type that particular sentence. It felt good – kind of tingly.

    Hercules in the Marvel U. is a serious badass. Class 100 strength. Power of an Olympian god. Beard like a 70’s porn star. Able to drink vast quantities of alcohol and bed any woman he wants.

    Besides, Thor is his buddy. He wouldn’t throw anything that he didn’t think Herc could handle.

    I vote that Hercules is our dead dude. I vote that a Young Avenger is going down.


    No Wiccan or Hulking jokes. Let’s keep this a family thread.

  5. #$@^@^#@^

    Hulking = Hulkling

  6. I was hoping that we would discuss this here. At first I was pissed that they revealed this before Civil War 4 came out. It was a great mystery to me which side Thor was really going to be on.
    However, I still believe that Millar and Marvel are not stupid and if they throw us a bone like this, then perhaps they have a greater scheme in mind. Cable never said whether it was an actual murder by Thor, or maybe it was collateral damage by his electric entrance.

  7. Man – no more late night forum crawling for me. I meant to say that I vote Hercules is NOT our dead dude.


    Seriously though, who else would have an impact? They’re not going to pop FauxDevil for story reasons. Killing Cloak would not have any real impact due to his relative “unknownness”/C-list level to modern readers. Why take down Falcon? Maybe – but this doesn’t feel right either. Who does this leave?

  8. I’m guessing it is Black Goliath who gets offed. He has been a bit player over the years and he is suddenly thrust into the main “resistance” faction. Plus he has powers that are no different than numerous others in the MU. I’m probably wrong though.

  9. I remember reading (although I can’t remember where) Marvel claiming, “One of the Marvel Universe’s biggest heroes dies in issue four of Civil War.” Something along those lines. It made me think they were telling us one of the growing guys were going to be the character that dies. At that fight there was Hornet/Giant Man, Atlas, Stature, and Black Goliath. I would put my money on Black Goliath, because he is the least used character out of those four. He doesn’t have a role in any other comic.

  10. I don’t know the character well, but I find it hard to believe Thor would kill anyone, especially anyone who was on his side yesterday when he was dead. But then, I find it hard to believe Thor would take a side in this fight, especially if it meant becoming Thor, Agent of SHIELD.

    Being dead probably changes your perspective on a lot of things.

    As for the spoiler itself, it almost seems intentional; the writing seems to take pains not to name the victim.

  11. Well, they’ve said that someone dies. I have thought for a while that it’ll either be Falcon or Black Goliath, which are both pretty throw away characters, despite their long history.

    I don’t think it’s that big of a spoiler if you read the solicits. They say someone is going to die in 4, Thor shows up with a big hammer on the Pro-reg side. Seems obvious to me. I think the back story of what the freak is going on with Thor is supposed to be the compelling plot device.

  12. You know, between seeing these panels and seeing some other scanned gags on other web sites (“Scans Daily”), I think I really need to take the plunge and pick up the first Cable/Deadpool trade. I like FabNic’s writing, and this all seems fun enough.

    Thanks for making me spend more money.

    (Or, you know, maybe I’ll sample the warez on-line first, if you get my drift. . . )

  13. Good luck finding it Augie. After the last Cable/Deadpool PotW I tried to go out and get the first trade.

    It’s out of print and selling for over 30 bucks on eBay.

    The 3rd trade is still in print, I think, if you want to start there.

  14. I don’t think this is a real problem of spoiling the event for Marvel. Knowing who died in the fight would have been a disaster, but this is just a teaser. I think we secretly want to bust them on screwing this up, and they haven’t yet.

    As for who dies… I’m guessing Falcon. That would really tick Cap off. The war would be on, and there could never be a compromise between Cap and Tony.

  15. I’m pretty certain that the last time we saw Falcon in New Avengers, it wasn’t really him, because I don’t think the real guy talks like that.

    So they can kill the Falcon who sounds like he got his dialect from 8 Mile. The real one can come back then.

  16. That is all Bendis

  17. I’m big enough to admit to a Bendis misstep.

  18. That Falcon made me laugh, and I don’t think that was intended. Do you think that Bendis wrote that dialogue as a joke, then simply forgot to change it before it went to print?

  19. I’m thinkin’ Herc bites it too. After reading Cable/Deadpool (which was rather good, I must say), I looked back at the last few panels of Civil War #3 and Herc’s the only one who seemed to get hit the hardest. But can a god die? Oh well, guess we’ll have to see next week (or whenever Civil War 4 is comin’ out)

  20. I don’t know about Falcon. It just seemed so out of character for both him and Bendis. I just don’t know. In retrospect, it’s hilarious though.

  21. It could be Hercules that dies, in light of Marvel seemingly setting up Ares to be the big Greek mythology dude instead of Herc in their books now.

  22. In the last few days, I’ve read on a couple of occasions (I think once on Newsarama and once on Marvel.com) that Joe Quesada is extremely busy, in part because he’s got a ton of freelance illustration work to finish for his paying customers.

    As someone currently storing 5/6ths of “Daredevil: Father,” I can’t express to you what I feel in my tum-tum when I hear that Joe Q. is taking on– and burning the midnight oil to finish– freelance outside projects. In my head, I hear a sound like Miss Piggy makes right before she starts karate chopping people.

    The Wait of Aught Six has made a bitter old man of me. I’m reading Joey Q going, “We have more great projects in the pipeline than there are spaces on the calendar! What a great problem to have!” and all I can think is, “You know what might help, Mr. Quesada? One thing that might fix that problem, probably, would be putting the books out. Just every once in a while.”

    I feel like such a primadonna babypants.

  23. Nicely put

  24. would it be creepy if i referred to you as babypants from now on?

  25. Why, I practically insist!

    You know what I mean, though? Sometimes you get in a mood, and you’re going, “Friggin’ Marvel, takin’ my money for granted while they screw around, why I oughtta,” and then you look over and CNN is showing people who’ve been living in a FEMA trailer for a year and you go, “Oh, right. My ass is a babypants.”

  26. Hey there babypants, I know exactly what you mean with the exception of the perspective you’re able to put to it. Even as I read the FEMA thing in your post my mind wandered back to ‘Quesada’s such an asshole. Can’t f**kin believe that guy.’ Does that make me insensitive?