CIVIL WAR: Are you Illuminated?

Well, the Civil War action heats up a bit, as yesterday, New Avengers: The Illuminati was released, which further lays the groundwork for the upcoming Civil War storyline.

Did everyone pick it up? What did you think? I don’t know what was better, Namor’s attitude or Maleev’s art.

I was particularly impressed by Bendis (again) and his ability to weave this story and give it historical context within the Marvel Universe, and not some randomly dreamt up story thrust upon us. I was immediately surprised by Tony Stark’s willingness to comply so quickly, but now that I think about it, he was always the one wanting to work with the government and The Avengers to have UN status. So I guess it makes sense in a way.

Either way, Civil War seems to be heating up!


  1. I was completely blown away by how good this issue was. To be honest, after Diassembled and House of M, I wasn’t ready for another ‘Marvel Event’. This made me think this is going to be pretty good.

    I had the sides figured all wrong. I assumed that Tony would be against it and Cap for it (I realize Cap’s viewpoint hasn’t been revealed but the promo stuff seems to set them in opposition). But, I could see Cap taking a stand against this as going against all that is right and good about America.

    OK, I didn’t get what Black Bolt’s sign language meant at all–any help on that?

  2. I thought the same thing about Black Bolt.

    By the way, I should mention that I LOVE the Black Bolt character. Paul Jenkins’ 12 issue mini a few years back was brilliant.

    Anyway, I assumed that he was saying that he was with Tony, but I could see it meaning something else. I think that works in a screenplay, for example, but it’s a limitation, or a challenge for the comic creator.

    Now, while that appeared that he’d be agreeing with Tony, the whole thing about the inhumans is that they’ll have nothing to do with governments, so it makes no sense that he would. Curious…

  3. …espcially since the Inhumans moved to the moon…

  4. I don’t think they’d have to register then, would they?

  5. So, like, what’s the deal? Can this book still be a Pick of the Week?

  6. No, Queen & Country is the Pick!

  7. Oh. Yeah. hmm. There’s egg on my internet face.

  8. This was a really nice “secret history” book. Kind of Marvel’s version of Identity Crisis.

    I have no clue what Black Bolt meant, but Newsarama is offering to let BMB answer some questions, so I hope it gets clarified then.

    Namor was perfect.

    I loved Doc Strange’s reaction.

    After Civil War is over, and everyone is picking up the pieces, I think . . . HULK SMASH! (BTW, I would greatly reccommend the Planet Hulk books — with Prelude. Never really liked the non-Ultimate version of the character much until now.)

    I’m suprised that the whole Sentry event was not touched upon, for I am intrigued as to which way he will go.

    If anyone has read some future FF solicits — and Wizard . . . — what is going on there. Not the Doom/Thor stuff . . .

    Methinks that Maleev used Patrick Stweart as a model for X, and Pierce Brosnan for Reed. I see a bit of Nimopy in Namor. Can’t pin down Strange yet.

    Notice how the royalty were the main ones who had problems with this whole deal?

    And what happened when Strange broke bread with Wakandan priests?

  9. It looks to me like Black Bolt wants to arm wrestle them for it.

  10. Thread winner so far….goes to arm wrestling!

    We’ll definitely be discussing this on the podcast, but I couldn’t in good conscience call this my pick of the week. I did enjoy it, but as always, I had issues with the issue. (Heh.) More to come on that though; we’ve got to save something to kvetch about.

  11. I read Illuminati last night. It was really good. I only wish that it was longer. Did the group meet over the original Secret War or the Korvac Quest or The Infinity Gauntlet? I realize that they are a secret group and that the mystery is half of the appeal with this thing, but the writing was so well done I wanted more.

    Would an “Illuminati” or “Civil War” or “Infinite Crisis” Special Edition podcast be too much to ask? Pick any topic you guys want. I am just looking for more iFanboy.

    When are the iFanboy action figures coming out?

  12. Read it last night and I enjoyed the story. The art was beautiful and it pretty much laid out what civil war will be with one long monologue by Tony Stark. I think Maleev came a long way in his art since his Out arc in dd. I knew this would be a set up story and thats what it is.

  13. I think you should do a podcast on the glory of DOOM. On second thought, you should do a Doom VIDEO podcast.



  15. DOOM!

    Anyway, we’re finally underway way the civil war!! I liked this issue, but the art kinda seemed like a faux-Maleev style. But I do have to file one complaint:

    Did ANYBODY notice the timing gaps? Apparently, Tony had JUST started the Avengers, and Wolverine was STILL working in Canadian Special Forces when the Illuminati was formed…and what was the timing they said between then and now?

    Six. Freaking. Months.

    Has the entire Marvel U been around for what, a year? Doesn’t that mess up Peter’s current age? Or the many new mutants recruited by the X-men? This really doesn’t make any sense. This technically means that…Inferno, Atlantis Attacks, Infinity War, The Clone Saga, Secret Wars, Age of Apocalypse…Everything happened in 6 months!!

  16. No, it said many years ago or something like that. It’s in the top left hand corner of the first page. Then it jumps forward in time to six months ago. Check that again.

  17. you know, Rogue is 18

  18. Ah, okay. I didn’t see the first page text. My mistake.

    Thanks for that correction.

  19. So, Doom doesn’t podcast … but, apparently he emails. doom Sorry Vic, but trying to pass of The Soverignty of Latveria as a non-profit entity, you’ve gone too far!


  21. I did pick up Illuminati and got around to reading it last night. I thought it was very good. I did love the handling of Namor and Tony. I thought it was very compelling and I particularly liked Tony recounting what could happen to a hero and using Spider-Man as a reference. It was sort of chilling and got the message across. It does make me want to see more, so that’s good.

  22. Yes I read it. I thought it was good. It didn’t floor me. I didn’t quite like the way they made submariner such a total A hole. I like him and wish he was more active in the current Marvel U.

    So, the wolverine reference was cool. His appearance in Hulk 181 was 1974, so that must have been the time frame of the first meeting.

    I wish they had added a few pages of flashback events concurrent to the times of these meetings, like a few panes from Hulk 181 or avengers or FF books from these time periods. I think that would have been a cool way reference timing/chronology in the Marvel U and what impact the meetings had on those times.

    I think the art was nice and that it was a sort of throw back Kirby-ish style. Though not all out like Godland.

  23. I’ll agree with ‘HKM’ that the Wolverine reference was cool. Definitely a nice touch.

    HOWEVER, adding flashbacks from random panels of those books would have been useless. So the Hulk is fighting Wolverine, how does that tie in with the illuminati?? Not at all. What would have been really nice would have been a few panels showing just how much the illuminati has affected the ENTIRE Marvel U over the years. Maybe they had a hand in certain heroes’ origins, or orchestrated events such as Atlantis Attacks themselves.

  24. “I didn’t quite like the way they made submariner such a total A hole. I like him and wish he was more active in the current Marvel U.”

    But, Namor IS a total A-hole. Just like Aquaman. Being that deep underwater, and then coming up to the surface, you see, it gives you the bends. Nitrogen bubbles pop up in your bloodstream. Can be very painful and even fatal in humans, if not properly treated quickly. In Atlanteans, it’s like a bad case of cas and constipation, rolled up with that wierd restless leg feeling you get sometimes. And they can’t hear the fish.

    All of the above makes for some surly monarchs. Plus, Namor has that whole Spock thing going . . . everybody asking him to “do the hand thing — live long and prosper!” kinda gets under your skin after a while.

    And Aquaman? Well, lets just say if you had been stuck wearing an orange mail shirt for years and years, and then in order to finally shed the thing you have to get your hand eaten off, well, you’d be a hole lot of pissed too. Plus, everyone thinks he’s Russian or something, because of his accent, and there’s not even a member of the CSA to mirror him — and he’s a freaking charter memeber of the JLA!

    So, in conclusion, Atlantis living + visits to the surface = bends. Bends + no fish talk = bad attitude.

    Oh, and for the record, Namor may have had a case of the Bendis . . . which casues somewhat stereotypical attitudes with a large case of suprisingly good characterization anyway.


  25. Speaking of Bendis. I heard him speak of some ‘House of M’ parodies on another podcast from his site. Does anyone know where they might be located?

  26. Did anyone pick up All-Star Superman #3 last week? It was brilliant and I figured for sure it would be the pick of the week. I’ve only listened to half of last week’s episode and it hadn’t been mentioned yet…

  27. Eek..!

  28. Incidentally, has been posting podcasts in which Bendis answers questions posted on his site. One of them was about that Maryland reference in the last “Ultimate Spider-Man.” Apparently it was an EXTREMELY obscure reference to a recent online feud between two pop stars in which one bizarrely referenced his Maryland roots in an effort to show he was “hard.” Bendis found it so odd and lame that he thought it would be perfect for the Ringer.

  29. All Star Superman gets mentioned….wait for it.

    That’s the great thing about Morrison. You never can tell what people are going to think.

  30. So I post and about an hour later I resume the podcast… 5 minutes later you guys finally wrap up talking about Illuminati and totally hate All-Star Superman. Classic. my timing is impeccable. I’ll post later why I think it’s so great. Another good podcast. Keep it going…

  31. I’d be very interested to read some positive reaction to All Star Superman #3. I loved the first two issues, but this one…

    Great art, though.

  32. I also loved the first two issues of All Star Superman and am itching to get home and read the third today. Yeah, yeah, I am late to the party, but didn’t pick up my stack until Sunday this week and haven’t gotten to AS Supes yet – work and Kingdom Hearts II will do that. The reviews on this one are all over the board, and not just here either, it’s like that on a lot of the other sites too. One thing about Morrison (which I think you guys touched on) – he definitely doesn’t write for the masses. He writes for himself and if you like it, great, and if you don’t, too bad. Even though he is hit and miss for me, I gotta respect him for that.

  33. When I read All-Star Superman, I get the feeling that Grant is giving us 12 issues of the “essential” Superman mythos that anyone could pick up and enjoy. Issue 3 read like some of those early 1960’s “silly” Superman stories like what’s collected in Showcase Superman Vol. 1. The whole issue is predicated on Superman synthesizing his powers into a liquid form for 24 hours as a birthday present for Lois only to find that he can’t spend any time with her because two other “heroes” are fighting for Lois’ affection. The only thing missing were the thought balloons every other panel where Superman would have agonized over his dilemma. Subterranean dinosaurs, Supermans’ death foretold, an undersea restaurant and a full page kiss on the moon. Beautiful. Morrison was dead-on with his characterizations of Lois with the “bring it on” and “I’d have been disappointed if hadn’t been monsters” or Jimmy Olsen itching to press his watch even as the threat is being handled. Even Cat Grant from post-Crisis and Steve Lombard from the 70’s TV station days make a brief appearance. The last two points that really made the issue great to me were that Lois kept asking what Superman did with Clark (because she still can’t believe that she could be fooled like that) and Lois ruminating on her fading powers. It just gave us a brief glimpse of what if must feel like to have Supermans’ powers for even a day. I think this ranks right up there with the Alan Moore pre-Crisis Superman stories and the Byrne Man of Steel mini-series.

  34. I’m sorry, but Morrison is overrated. I’ve said it before, and All-Star Superman #3 proves it. He couldn’t deliver a consistently good — or readable — story if his life depended on it. Think about it: Mr. Wonderful is butchering Superman. There oughta be a law…

  35. I agree that Morrison is hit or miss, and that some of his stuff is difficult to get through. However, when he is on, his work is awesome. See JLA, New X-Men, We3, Seven Soldiers as examples. He can produce great, readable books, but he doesn’t do it consistently. Like I said, I think he writes for himself and not for the average fan, which can be frustrating at times.

  36. Newsarama has a looooong Bendis Q&A on New Avengers: The Illuminati.

    Q: I may be a bit thick, but it wasn’t clear to me if Black Bolt was supportive of Iron Man’s position at the end of the issue. I’ll assume yes, since he didn’t fly off in a huff. But why would he support the voluntary registration. Like Namor, Black Bolt is the leader of a sovereign nation, not a superhero. Why would he care about something that will only be impacting America in the short term.

    BB: Here is the script to that scene:

    4- Doctor Strange gently casts a spell. He is disappearing into a strobe light effect of magics. He does it calmly. With a very sad look on his face.


    I guess we’re done here.

    Never call upon me again.

    5- Smoke still billowing from where Doctor Strange was sitting, Iron-Man asks Blackbolt even though he’s pretty sure he knows the answer.



    I’m sorry you can’t communicate with us, Black Bolt. I –

    6- Black Bolt holds up a stern hand with stern pursed lips.
    7- Black Bolt gestures at him through with pursed lips.
    8- Black Bolt points at them with disappointed, hateful eyes.
    9- From Behind Reed Richards, Black Bolt flies away. Iron Man hangs his head as Reed gets up to leave.


    I think I got the gist.


    Well, I have to go home and fight with my wife about this for the rest of my life.

  37. All this talk about Maleev being great, and he clearly sucks.

    Or the script sucks.

    Damn these puzzles!

    Hard to draw hateful eyes in a mask I guess.

  38. I still don’t get it