‘Civil War #4’ Spoiler… Revealed

Click through, if you dare.

Captain America is going to come out of Civil War #4 … REBORN as two new cutting edge heroes!

Rubber Ears Jingo-Cap!

Motorcycle Helmet Cap!

Clearly, it is long past time for Marvel to bring Captain America into the 21st Century, and it appears that the time is now!


  1. Really wish this was an actual spoiler
    I was like yaaaa

  2. The Team America song was sOOOOO fitting for that.

    I also loved the great 70’s porno music in the motorcycle spot. Too bad that was from the orginal broadcast!

  3. Actually, here is an advanced clip from Civil War the movie:

  4. Huh, guess the code doesnt work. here’s the link:


  5. Man, someone’s getting fired for letting that leak out…

  6. Seems like someone has a little too much time on his hands.

    These clips put the awful into awfully funny!

  7. Just read #4. Without any spoilers, does Millar really think he is writing this equally? He has claimed that over and over again–that he isn’t writing for one side or the other, but no way!

    Does anyone actually pull for Stark and his bunch of losers?

    PS–S. Storm will be Queen of Atlantis soon if Richards isn’t careful

  8. Newsarama just posted an interview with Millar and Breevort where Millar says that he’s pro-reg.
    He also says things such as this:
    Goliath dying was a wake-up call. It jolted them into realizing this isn’t going to plan and Cap is just a human being. He’s as fallible as any of us now and it took Goliath dying for people to realize that. Cap’s an old man. He was born prior to 1920, remember, so he might not be best to decide what’s right for superheroes in the 21st Century. Some of his guys just finally come to realize that. I love him to death, but he’s starting to seem like The Lone Ranger to some of these kids.


    MM: What we have to remember is that the anti-reg guys are criminals. They’re out there breaking the law and, essentially, endangering lives. The pro-reg guys now work for the federal government. They’re super-cops and Goliath was a casualty of resisting arrest.

  9. Damn it! I thought there were real spoilers in this thread.

    Millar said on Wordballoon something along the lines that as a reader, he would side with Cap, but if he actually lived in the Marvel Universe, he would probably side with Iron Man. In almost every scene in this series Millar keeps playing the heart against the mind. So far Tony hasn’t done anything illegal, maybe cloning, but there are laws against the cloning of humans not gods. However how could Cap be a criminal when he is fighting for people’s rights? Every answer brings another question.

  10. Cloning, recruiting villains to help, death of a mediocre character; come on Civil War should be better than this. Cloning is the most over-fucking-done story tool right now. I just don’t know what to think. I still love this story and hope that it blows me away, but I just wonder if anyone else felt my frustration with this issue.
    It would be the biggest shocker ever if the villains do what Tony says and they just put them back in the cells.

  11. I would like to retract my statement about the death being mediocre. I read an interview with Millar and he was saying that they could have had Cap, Iron Man, and Spidey all dead on one page but they would be back in 6 months. Goliath is a death that will stick and mean something.

  12. So, basically, what we will be left with is this. The superheroes will have to band together to defeat the bad guys that Stark was dumbass enough to let out in the first place. Then people will realize that there are real bad guys out there that need to be fought and the superheroes will go back to status quo except that Tony will be out of the Avengers because everyone thinks he’s a dick–which he is.

    Then in a year it will all be back to normal until the next big event, except that Dr. Strange will magically hypnotize everyone to forget who Spidey is…

    I’m feeling cynical today.

  13. I guess Marvel is killing off old black heroes that are not that popular.

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