Christmas Comes Early! Here’s the ‘Batman Begins’ Trailer!

And Conor almost passes out upon viewing it!

You can see it too at here in all it’s Batman goodness.

A nod to Steve for finding it! — “Advantage Van Neil!”

I didn’t see a logo on the Batman outfit though….


  1. You and your damn logo blindess.

  2. Good god.

  3. Do I really need to see Batman train?

    I wonder how much of the movie will be him training….

  4. look at Liam’s gloves in the training scene

  5. First thing I noticed was the gloves too. I love it when they give stuff a practical purpose.

  6. Great googly moogly!

    This may be all I have ever hoped for.

  7. Re: The Gloves

    That’s what Goyer said at SDCC – everything in the costume would have a practical purpose.

  8. including the batman logo?

  9. That’s branding.

    He’s Bruce Wayne, remember. It’s just smart business.

  10. Re: The training

    I’m actually excited to see it. Think about it, we’ve never actually seen that aspect of Batman on film before. Yes, we’ve seen a whole lot about the shooting death of his parents which was the genesis of his quest for justice, but between that moment and him being Batman we haven’t really seen any of that.

    Now, whether or not you find that interesting is another story…

  11. I hate to be the dissenting voice in this, but it just doesn’t look that interesting to me…

    I hate to feel this way. I feel like the Batman grinch. But looking at this trailer, makes me think they made a Batman movie without really thinking about Batman…

    not there… didn’t see it…

    ahhh, the training of another young jedi.

    i’m excited to see the training. maybe zatanna will be in the movie too…

    this trailer definitly has me wanting to see more. how much longer?

    this movie is gonna be HOT, fo’ sho

  13. Zatanna? You need to lay down.

  14. Yeah Zatanna. And then maybe Azrael can show up…and if we’re really truly blessed, Bat-Mite.

    At least it’s good that Qui Gon got another chance to train someone. I mean look what Obi Wan produced…

    In all seriousness, do you guys think this movie might be cramming too much in? What with Ra’s, training, Scarecrow, and more training?

  15. There’s really no way of knowing until we see it.

  16. I have to say, it looks like we’re going to see Batman vs. Ninjas! That’s an idea I can totally get behind.

    Maybe this guy can be Robin:

  17. I do think that this movie might be cramming too much into one two hour block. But then I feared that about X2, and look how that turned out. Have faith, young one.

    I’m excited to see the training. And I just love the whole 70’s vibe the trailer gives off. No CGI in sight!

  18. I think it will be cool to see the training that it took to become Batman. What does it take, exactly? I think that’s fascinating and way more psychological than it appears on the surface. ALso, it’s is cannonical because in the comics he traveled the world to train before coming back to Gotham.


  19. alright, you guys might win me over…