Chris Samnee Does Captain America

While we do mourn the passing of Thor: The Mighty Avenger, we love to see Chris Samnee on as many great projects as possible. Of course, there was the Pick of the Week for this week's Ultimate Spider-Man #155, but today there was another announcement. Samnee will be doing the co-features for Captain America #617-619. Want a taste of Samnee on the Star Spangled Avenger?

Yes, even a backup makes me happy.


  1. this is GREAT news

  2. Hot dog! I love his pieces in the sketchup!

  3. Do we know what the co-features are?  What characters, who’s writing, etc.?

  4. YAY!

  5. My body is ready.

  6. I don’t get it.

  7. I started reading Thor The Mighty Avenger Vol. 2 yesterday, and damn, I just love the feel of this guy’s work.  I’d really like to see him do something more realistic, though, like a crime story.

  8. crap….I was really hoping that Cap wasn’t going to have co-features and drop it’s price to 2.99…Oh well.

  9. 30 pages of Bru Cap with both Bucky Cap and Steve Cap sounds great. Throw in Samnee and it sounds awesome!

  10. @tschafer  I wouldn’t hold my breath for those prices to drop at Marvel, co-features or no.

  11. @lifesend 

    You’re in luck.  He did one of the Vertigo Crime books…Area 10, written by Christos Gage.

  12. Love his work, im on board

  13. Dammit Marvel, I dropped Cap because the series was being collected in Omnibi so regularly but this pulls me right back in. 

  14. Awesome!  Any word on whether this is for the Nomad co-feature or something new (and hopefully more interesting)?

  15. @Andrew  Check out the solicitations. Bucky in the main feature and steve rogers super soldier in the back-up/co-feature. 

  16. Wow, I just dropped this.

    My timing with Captain America is top notch as i started reading after reborn essentially missing the fantastic 2 year Brubacher run. Now i’m leaving as Samnee comes on board.

    Still dropping it though, no artist could make me stay with this 70s courtroom drama.

  17. Anything is better than Nomad. Just didn’t dig it.

  18. Wow! A reason to pick up Cap again!  Samnee is awesome.