‘Chris Hardwick: Mandroid’ CONTEST! WIN a Framed Poster, DVD, & CDs!

Chris Hardwick_Mandroid_CoverFinalSelf-styled geek king Chris Hardwick is everywhere! You might know him from the Nerdist podcast or from The Talking Dead on AMC or if you’re from the future you might know him from his upcoming show Nerdist TV on BBC America.

But what you might not know is that Chris Hardwick is first-and-foremost a stand up comedian and his first Comedy Central special, Mandroid was released on CD and DVD this past Tuesday in stores and at Amazon or on iTunes. The DVD is extended and uncensored, with 20 minutes of bonus material that wasn’t broadcast on TV, and it features other cool Easter eggs!

To celebrate the release we’ve teamed up with Comedy Central to giveaway a framed poster, (right), DVD, and a CD prize pack!

How do you win? It’s simple. Scroll down to the comments and answer this question: “What comic book villain would you like Chris Hardwick’s Mandroid to fight AND WHY?”

Make your answers good! Be funny, be clever, be smart! The best answer (or answers!) will be selected to win the prize pack!

You have until Thursday January 31st to enter! The winner (or winners) will be announced on the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast Episode #371!

While you’re pondering that question check out this cool step-by-step process of how the DVD cover (and thus the poster) was created!

The concept sketch:

Chris Hardwick_Mandroid_Sketch

The pencils and gray tones:

Chris Hardwick_Mandroid_Pencils

The finished colors:

Chris Hardwick_Mandroid_Colors

Good luck and be creative!


  1. The Mandroid has to fight the Bi-Beast, right? I mean, come on.

  2. I’d like him to fight the Marvel Comics Mandroids. Because there are few things I enjoy as much as watching two characters with the same name battle it out to see who deserves the name. Also, Chris could entertain us all during the fight as he makes Spider-Man like quips about the Marvel Mandroids’ armor design.

    Additionally, I’d like to see Jonah Ray fight The Ray.

    • And Matt Mira could battle the Mirror Master!

      Get it…
      Mira…Mirror or “MIRRAH”

      Ok, that was lame, but I couldn’t resist!

    • I almost made that same joke, but didn’t because Mira’s last name sounds like My-rah, as opposed to Meer-ah.

      His alliterative name would make him a perfect fit for the Marvel Universe though! 🙂

    • I know…but it would totally piss him off, which is half the joke LOL!

    • Ha, that would be really funny. This is how I see that battle going down:

      Mirror Master: “Bow down before me, Mirrah! For I am the Mirror Master, master of all mirrors and mirrahs!”
      Matt: “It’s actually pronounced My-rah.”
      Mirror Master: “Are you sure? I heard some guy somewhere say Meer-ah.”
      Matt: “IT’S MY NAME!!!” (followed by his patented Fatstronaut Punch!)

  3. Being that it is Chris Hardwick, I’d have to say he has to battle the Daleks of course:

    A little too easy though…

    So my other choice is….AMAZO!!!

    I’d love to see some Android on MANDROID action!! LOL

  4. I would love to see him fight The Deadly Bulb (a.k.a. Pigleg) from TICK!

  5. I think it has to be Parallax. I mean Will power is great, but with the GLs a bit busy right now, throwing some comedy at him might do the trick…i mean, you can’t be scared while your laughing your butt off.

  6. Q from Star Trek: TNG. This way we can have the epic Hardwick / Wheaton crossover event we’ve all been waiting for.


  8. Mandroid has to fight his greatest foe, Chris Hardwick from Singled Out. He has been threatening his nerd cred for some time. Don’t let him eliminate Mandroid, he’s to hard for that.

  9. Doctor Doom. Because of how angry Doom would get and how undignified he would feel having to fight a comedian/podcaster/geek king/that guy from Signled Out. Plus we could get a sweet line from Doom ranting about that accursed Hardwick.

  10. What the hell is a Mandroid?

  11. Does it have to be an actual comic book villain? If we’re allowed to make one up, it would be The Chai-Lattor.

    Chai lattes are Chris Hardwick’s only known weakness. And if the a chai latte is his kryptonite, then The Chai-Lattor is his Metallo. With the ability to inflict diabeetus from 20 yards away.

  12. Mandroid vs the Internet! or Mandroid in the zombie apocalypse featuring Jonah Ray!

  13. Santa – As the Warrior comic book showed us all, Santa really could use a good ass kicking.

  14. The answer is obviously Fin Fang Foom because… Fin Fang Foom.

  15. Roy G. Bivolo, the rogue known as the Rainbow Raider. Id like to see Mandroid take on Color Blindness, which is the true villain here.

  16. Chris should fight the Master Troll. Sometimes the internet yells at him and he should fight back!! Justice will prevail with his armor of snark coupled with his quick draw sonic screwdriver. Jonah, Matt, and Katie can hold off the Daleks for now.

  17. Chris Hardwick, the Mandroid, should fight Hyeena, the Amalgam combination of Joker/Harley Quinn and Sabertooth. It’s almost as ridiculous as Hardwick can sometimes be.

  18. I apologize, Conor.

  19. Mandroid versus Cyborg Superman. Chris is the Superman of the internet and Cyborg Supes wants to take over his life. He’ll try and defeat Chris with Orange Kryptonite (which is a crystal powered by negative YouTube comments)

  20. Chris Hardwick vs Big Wheel

  21. Hardwick vs Rob Johnson and Guy who has to find the perfect copy on Wednesday and I have to hurry to get my books on my lunch hour. Its a handicap match, but you figure out who has the handicap.

  22. Chris Hardwick’s Mandroid would fight a Cyberman from Doctor Who.

  23. Chris Hardwick’s Mandroid should fight Magneto for Marvel 1602 in order to protect the mutants for the inquisition. Why? Because nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  24. Mandroid should fight Ego the living Planet, because that dude’s got issues.

  25. Since Chris Hardwick is basically the ulitmate nerd, he would have to make Mandroid’s arch nemesis be the ultimate jock – SUPERPRO.

  26. The Governor from Walking Dead. It’d be interesting seeing Mandroid geeking out and trying to interview the Governor while the Governor was inflicting horrible tortures on him in turn.

  27. Easy. Chris would go up against the Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters. If you’ve seen the special, you know why. (It has to do with repressed sexual memories).


  28. Chris Hardwick the Mandroid should have to fight his arch nemesis Peter Hardwick the Drunkdroid. Peter Hardwick is a belligerent and chubby deviant that hosts Singled Out and drinks his career away. Chris will have to use his workaholic powers to defeat his brother Peter.

  29. Rainbow Raider. The sheer amount of ridiculousness would be epic.

  30. Hardwick should fight the greatest villian comic’s have ever known. Dr. Fredric Wertham. The Mandroid is a hero of wits. He needs a villian of outright lunacy and hyperbole to truly match. Wertham’s finest power is to jump to rash conclusions with little support. This would challange the Mandroid’s power as a talk show host because he would ask him the tough questions. Also Werthem was a McCarthiest and Hardwick in the “red” media so they would be natural enemies. Here’s what it would read like.

    “Chris Hardwick the mandroid is on the run. His arch-nemisis Dr. Fredric Wertham has used his considerable enfluence to call Hardwick to Congress where he has to appear before the comittee of anti-american affairs. How can Hardwick hope to save the Innocent from Seduction, while also having to battle Wertham and his red scare cronies? Pick up this book to find out.”

  31. Does Chris Hardwick’s Mandroid have what it takes to stop the Terminator from killing Peter Hardwick? Will Mandroid event want to? It’s Mandriod vs. Terminator on an all out fight to deletion.

  32. Mandroid has to fight Dr Bong for sure. He was a villian of Howard the Duck (who should be considered a villian for how terrible a idea he is). How funny would it be to see the news headline Mandroid V Dr Bong! Classic!

  33. Mandroid should fight George Lucas (or at least punch him in the mouth) because of Jar Jar Binks.

  34. how about we see Mandroid (chris Hardwick) fight Gay Robot (Nick Swardson)

    Because those are the only 2 comedy Robots I know.

  35. Mandroid, AKA Chris Hardwick, must face his most formidable enemy to date E!-Man, AKA Ryan Seacrest.
    Will Mandroid survive this E!-pic fight? Will his trusted sidekicks, Zombie-Man and Guitar-Guy, arrive in time to help?
    Will people read this and hear that voice that does all the trailer voice-over work?

    Tune in on January 31st and find out…


    That Mandroid cover certainly has a Captain America Comics #1 vibe going on:

    So I’d really like it to be a Cap villain of some sort. Licensing is a concern that should not be overlooked, so let’s go with a non-actionable public domain sort of villain (other commenters have been going with the likes of Santa and Fred Wertham, which I think is the right angle). Maybe something along these lines:

    I don’t really want to go with straight-up “DRUGS.” By itself, it’s sort of boring. Even taking MHC’s inflated price of $2.49 at face value, this is clearly not a seminal issue that readers are clamoring for. Also, we all know how that battle ended:

    Now Chris once stated that Nerds, as the purveyors of popular tech and entertainment, are the new drug-dealers of the 21st century (see last paragraph):

    So what if we had the “New Drug Dealers” vs. regular old drug dealers. “Regular” and “old” are not enticing descriptives, so let’s spice this up a bit. Instead if DRUGS, how about:

    Yes, LAS DROGAS. Cartels are in the zeitgeist, right? Spanish makes things less boring, and apparently makes your comic worth $18.75. And Chris is proficient in the language:

    It’s better, but it’s still not the bestest. Perhaps some sort of anthropomorphic, comic-booky representation of LAS DROGAS would make this a bit more palatable? With that in mind, your attention please: Now via the magic of the Astounding Anagram, let it be revealed that LAS DROGAS is actually the SAGA LORDS! “ROAD GLASS” and “GO LARD ASS” also work, but I think I’m sticking with SAGA LORDS.

    Who are these SAGA LORDS one might ask? To find out, be a Wednesday Warrior and check in on January 30th for Part 2 of the iFanboy Comments Section SAGA LORD…saga. (Yes, I’m talking to the two of you who took the time to wade through all this).

  37. I think he should fight Harley Quinn just for the sheer amount of uncomfortable erection jokes that could be made.

  38. Chris Hardwick: Mandroid vs. Jenny McCarthy Fembot! In the beginning they worked together, but in the end, they’ll tear each other apart!

    Will Hardwick be the vaccine to McCarthy’s evil, or will McCarthy be the vaccine to Hardwick’s good?! (That’s a play on Jenny McCarthy crazy vaccination views. Yay! Jokes are always funny when you have to explain them…)

  39. He should fight the Marc Mar-android

  40. Dude,

    Mandroid vs Crazy Quilt.


  41. MANDROID vs. THE SAGA LORDS, Part The Second.

    Who are these SAGA LORDS, one might ask? Literally one person might ask that? please? Deducing from their grandiose title, let us imagine they are Masters of All Time and Space, flitting mysteriously throughout the Pan-Multiverse, from New Earth to the 616, carrying out their nefarious machinations under the very noses of our worlds’ greatest heroes and evading the piercing gaze of the most cunning of corporate copyright lawyers. A team so covert that even top echelon Creators of the Medium are confounded by their very existence, achieving a feat of devilish Meta that Grant Morrison himself might appreciate:

    When Meta Morrison told Buddy Baker that “the LORD giveth and the LORD taketh away” he was referring to himself, right? Or might he have been channeling two other LORDS (one the giver, and one the taker) without even realizing it? What if the writers and artists, the weavers of our sequential serial SAGAS, are not the LORDS after all? What if the true SAGA LORDS are out there hiding in the gutters, outmaneuvering the storytellers and making mischievous forays into panels with sinister schemes far beyond our pathetic comprehension?

    IF ONLY these characters could be identified and, in spite of their Big Two ubiquity, somehow be appropriated for a hypothetical MANDROID comic by way of fair-use law. If such vagabonds of the public domain actually existed, then I would happily christen them: the SAGA LORDS.

    SAGA LORDS…Masters of ALL TIME and SPACE…ALL TIME…ALL TIME…. Lo, that provokes a thought; being that I’m here in the iFanboy Comments section, perhaps I should consult the ALL TIME most visited iFanboy article:

    OF COURSE, now it all makes sense! THANK YOU top echelon Creator of the Medium Scott Snyder! The Circle is Now Complete! Surely the SAGA LORDS are none other than the MYSTERY HIPSTER COPS of lore. A 2011 commenter even referred to the HIPSTER COPS as “Time LORDS”—you nearly cracked the case then and there lmiller31.

    HARDWICK vs. THE MYSTERY HIPSTER COPS. MANDROID vs. THE SAGA LORDS. In the ‘40s it was CAP vs. HITLER; now it’s CHRIS vs. HIPSTER. This is an epic battle-royale years in the making. Can the ultimate NERD outwit the ultimate HIPSTERS? We know he has the corazón, but does Chris Hardwick also have the cajones to match this diabolical hipster duo? I think he just might:

    I was just looking again at the cover of that Captain America vs. LAS DROGAS comic from 20 years ago, and that kid with the hat and dark hair looks vaguely familiar. But I can’t quite place him. The red-headed kid too. Wait, my god…is that a chin-line, or is it the sproutings of a SOUL PATCH? NOOO! Cap, look out! You’re not fighting LAS DROGAS—it’s an anagram—it’s the SAGA LORDS—they‘re right behind you!!

    Alas, poor Cap. Only MANDROID can save us now.

    MANDROID vs. THE SAGA LORDS, an imaginary tech-noir thriller by Brubaker and Immonen. Not Coming Soon.

    #orwillit? / #itwont / #golardass

  42. Deadpool should kidnap Brian Posehn, and Mandroid is sent to the rescue. Once the fight is over they make up (or out…) and record an episode of the Nerdist.

  43. Mr.Spacely of course, isn’t that a jetsons pod on the back cover