Chris Burnham’s OFFICER DOWNE Contest! Win Original Art!

Tomorrow sees the release of Officer Downe, a 48 page one-shot from Image Comics. It's written by our arch-nemesis Joe Casey, drawn by one of our favorite guys, Chris Burnham, and colored by Marc Letzmann, who we've never met but assume is very nice.

It's a gritty tale of a gritty cop in a gritty world

Do you have the grit to win an original page from the book?

Over on his website, Chris Burnham is running his very own Officer Downe Original Art Contest. Here, I'll let him explain it:

Hunched over my drawing table until the wee hours of the morning with no-one but the cockroaches and my thoughts to keep me company, I often sneak in some obscure visual references for my own amusement.

They're so obscure that I bet you don't even notice them… in fact, I dare you TO notice them!


Answer all eleven sight-gag-based trivia questions listed below.


The original art from any page of Officer Downe! ANY single page! That one towards the end, when he falls down on the thing? Yes. That one where the guy totally gets his face ripped off? Yes, that one too. (Single pages only, folks… I'm keeping the spreads for myself. And no, wiseguy, you can't have one side of a spread.)

You can head over to his website to check out the clues. Entires should be e-mailed to The contest starts tomorrow, Wednesday July 14th and runs through August 22nd.

Maybe you can win a page like this one (it's page 20)!

Good luck!



  1. Sweet!   Anyone think the guys he’s beating up on look like Kick Ass?

  2. my thoughts exactly!

  3. Yup, clearly someone is making an inside joke at Kick-Ass