Chloe Sullivan Joins The DCU in “Jimmy Olsen” Back-Up Feature

For many years DC has talked about adding Chloe Sullivan, the fan favorite Smallville character, to the DC Universe. It was almost a done deal a few years ago but it fell through. Well, the wait is over! Behold! Chloe Sullivan!

Beginning next week, Chloe Sullivan will be appearing in the Nick Spencer written, R.B. SIlva drawn, "Jimmy Olsen" back-up feature that can be found in Action Comics. What's that you, say? They found a way to make Paul Cornell and Pete Woods' Action Comics more awesome? Yes. Yes, they did.

But that's not all, if you're not buying Action Comics (and shame on you if you're not), you can check out the first 10-page "Jimmy Osen" back-up for free on the DC Comics digital app.


  1. Seems to me they say this every year…


  3. Finally, I wonder what the comic version will be like?

  4. Man she looks peeved

  5. how long did it take Harley Quinn to get into the DCU? was it as long as this?

  6. So I guess this means she’s not going to die in this upcoming season of Smallville.

  7. As much as I don’t care for Lex, I’ll pick up Action Comics to see how they handle Chloe.

  8. Silva’s Jimmy needs a haircut — he’s got that Ultimate Peter Parker here.

  9. Hair I mean

  10. This is pretty cool, she is a great character.

  11. Will she speak in prolonged metaphor like her Smallville dialogue?

    "Clark, you’re up to your neck in water and I can’t row a lifeboat in to save you in this rainstorm because the tidal wave is coming and there’s no way I can be swept down that whirlpool…"