Chicks Dig the Car: First Look at the Movie Batmobile

As seen on the Batman movie website

So what do you think of this?



  1. Um…



    I’m going back to sleep, I’ll look at these again when I’m more rested.

  2. Upon further review…

    These pictures don’t jibe with what I’ve heard about the movie. Granted, I’ve avoided as many spoilers as possible – no thanks to my friend Steve – but from what I’ve heard the story seems to be a more stripped down Batman than what we’ve seen in the past. I could be totally wrong though, this I admit.

    That thing looks like something out of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.

  3. I had this discussion with Steve.

    It doesn’t make sense to convert some old muscle car into a tactical vehicle, but it would make sense to use your vast wealth to buy a military surplus vehicle for use in your war on crime. The term Batmobile itself is rather silly to begin with. This is decidedly not silly, while seeming a bit over the top.

    If you were batman, would you get a convertable sports car, or a hummer or an APC?

  4. I’d feel a lot better if there was a giant Bat head on the front, to tell you the truth.

    Actually, what you say makes sense.

  5. well, I remeber in the late 70s early 80s Batman comics where he was driving around in basically what was a plain old porchey looking sportscar.

    I didn’t like it.

    So using a more regular car wouldn’t really work. The muscle car idea might make more sense if Wayne didn’t have more money than god.

    My fav batmobile was Alan Grant(?)/Norm Breyfogle’s. It was huge, almost tank like, but at the same time very sporty.

    My impression of the movie is that he’s going to be the “international” Batman that is seen from time to time. If this is the case, it would make sense to have a tactical vehicle, like JOsh and Steve said. That he could parachute dropped into foreign Ra’s Al Ghul infested countries with.

    However, I wuold think it would be closer to a hummer, rather than a tank

    This batmobile looks a bit too tank-ish for the city. Wait. REALLY too tank-ish for the city.


  6. Bats better be somewhat urban in this movie.

    I mean, I understand that when facing Ra’s you have to go to places like Tibet and whatnot, but…

    I guess he can stay in Gotham in the sequel.

  7. I’m with Conor.

    Batman = city

    Hopefully the beginning or the end will be in far off locales and the rest of the movie is in good ol gotham.

    I figure most of it must have to be, otherwise, what would Gordon and Lucius have to do with anything?

  8. I figure that maybe he is all “city” and then some shit goes down, as it tends to do, and he’s forced to leave town and do some globetrotting to save the city.

    Feh to the Bathead. But I can understand the desire.

    This urban bat tank think makes sense to me, and it’s versatile.

    Gotham’s a rough place.


  9. Norm Breyfogle!

  10. “Norm Breyfogle!”

    My favorite all time Bat-artist!

  11. if so many people love him, why aren’t we seeing more of him. Let’s start an online petition to get Breyfogle back as a regular on Detective.

  12. People come in and out of fashion… for whatever reason he’s out of fashion, apparently. I think that’s a damn shame.