Catwoman: $120/hour + expenses

It’s exactly what you had in mind isn’t it?

Sure she’s an attractive woman, but this is just silly. Fetishist’s rejoice. I guess she still looks better than the movie Punisher. I dig the Mickey Mouse ears.


  1. Here’s another shot with her in a different outfit:,,2003450327,00.jpg

  2. Rumor has it Michelle Pfeiffer is making a cameo as Selina Kyle

  3. I like that second one, MUCH better. The first one has almost as many belts as Jim Lee’s GL uniform. Seems more like the Darwyn Cooke style, with smaller feet. Damn, I love this comic. This book and Gotham Central make me not want to read any other Batbook.

  4. Gotham Central rocks my ass.

    It’s the best DCU book out there.


    I’m sorry for the shouting but I’ve been trying to get you to buy this book since its inception.

    PS – I’m a bit drunk.

  6. I bought 1-9 a couple months back after someone’s pick of the week. They were good.

  7. Is it wrong of me to hold out hope that this movie might be good?

  8. It could be a good MOVIE. Whether it will it be a good CATWOMAN movie or story, remains to be seen. Brubaker and the recent slate of artists have raised my expectations for anything involving the character substantially.

  9. “Catwoman: $120/hour + expenses” I like it.

  10. She looks like a service professional is all I’m saying.