CASTING: Carly Foulkes Will Play Retro Girl

Can you hear me now?

OK, it doesn’t quite make sense, but the Verizon guy would have been terrible casting. No, on Friday, Brian Michael Bendis, co-creator of Powers, announced that Carly Foulkes will be portraying Retro Girl in the forthcoming pilot for FX. I would link to her IMDb page, but there isn’t one. She’s a Canadian actress and model, known almost solely for the T-Mobile ads. But then again, Retro Girl doesn’t have a hell of a lot to do in that first story. But I don’t want to say too much.

It should be noted that this is still just a pilot, not a series, so we’ll have to see what happens. What is still exciting, more than anything is that the pilot is being written by Charles Eglee, who has an incredible resume of excellent TV under his belt, like The Shield, Walking Dead, and Dexter. It will be directed by Michael Dinner of Justified and Sons of Anarchy. The main cast is all in place with Jason Patric as Christian Walker, Lucy Punch as Deena Pilgrim, Charles S. Dutton as Captain Cross, and Bailee Madison as Callista.

Next stop, series? We’ll see.


  1. Mmmm t-Mobile girl.

  2. Wat.

  3. AT&T killed her


    Just kidding. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

  5. She’s got the nose…

  6. Hey, they hired T-Mobile’s business model’s model.

    I wish Philipp Humm had wheeled her on to the commercial atop of a paper-mache boulder and she said “T-Mobile…like a rock!”

  7. Maybe she gave Bendis unlimited data to get the part.


  8. a more affordable version of Liv Tyler…

  9. interesting.

  10. I’d sign up for her service plan, if you know what I’m saying.

  11. That girl needs to eat.

  12. @charlesp1138  That made my whole day! LMAO!

  13. Wait, isn’t she Saturn Girl? :-p

  14. I was hoping they’d cast the girl who played Rosie Larson in “The Killing”. 😉

  15. Just happy to hear Eglee’s behind it.

  16. Good for her. Could be her big break.

  17. @Firevine  I think it’s worth repeating…..Mmmm t-Mobile girl.