Comic Book Casting: The New Daredevil Movie

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that 20th Century Fox was giving the Daredevil movie franchise a second chance at life with director David Slade (30 Days of Night, Twilight: Eclipse) “in talks” to helm the project. Although described as a “sequel” to the 2003 Ben Affleck-led film, the article went on to state unequivocably that Affleck would not be returning for the titular role.

Talk of a sequel isn’t new — Marvel Movie head Kevin Feige has stated numerous times that there’s “many more stories to be told with old Hornhead”, and the director of the first Daredevil film went on record saying that he envisioned a second film to cover Frank Miller’s Born Again storyline. But what would you like to see this new Daredevil film shape up to be? We’ve put together some ideas for a cast, as well as some comic storylines they could look to for inspiration.

The Plot:

What are the strongest stories for comic book characters on the silver screen? Their origin. What if director David Slade went back to square one with Matthew Murdock, exploring his childhood accident and his growing up split between two career paths: lawyer and ninja street fighter. By day he’s a law student with fellow lawyer-in-training Foggy Nelson. By night he’s trained by his father as well as the ninja master Stick. By looking at Frank Miller & John Romita Jr.’s Daredevil: The Man Without Fear, a lot could be taken in terms of both plot and style. Imagine this film as Daredevil: Year One.

The Cast:

Matthew Murdock, aka Daredevil

The blind son of a veteran boxer, Matthew Murdock grew up to be a criminal defense lawyer with a self-destructive streak. For this new take on the character, I’d look for a younger actor such as Grey Damon from Friday Night Lights.

Karen Page

What if Karen Page was a law school flame of Daredevil and not just a secretary at his firm years later? I’d go for young but veteran actress Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood) to fill out this part.

Foggy Nelson

Set in the comics as Matthew Murdock’s pudgy partner, I’m totally stupified as to who should play this role. It’s one of the movie’s most integral part as its intended to provide levity to an otherwise pretty harsh movie.

Mary Walker, aka Typhoid Mary

Who better than to test Daredevil and his dueling identities as lawyer & crimefighter than the split-personality Typhoid Mary? In comics, her medical condition came inadvertantly from Murdock’s own attempts to stop a brothel in which she worked resulted in Dardevil knocking her out a window. She returned to his life as a lover and an an adversary, and has always been one of the craziest characters in his rogue’s gallery. For casting this role, I’d cast Noomi Rapace (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) although a good couple years older than the rest of the cast, an older Typhoid and younger Daredevil could bring out some interesting contrasts.


Introduced by Frank Miller, he’s the sensei that taught Matthew Murdock how to control his new-found abilities and blindness and focus that into martial arts. For my money, I’d go with Lance Henricksen for this mentor role.

Jack Murdock

A rundown boxer with ties to the criminal underworld, who raised Matthew the best he could. I know he’s already played a role in the Marvel movie verse, but both so has Chris Evans — so let’s get Mickey Rourke, who has legitimate boxing experience, in for this role.

But I don’t have the final word — 20th Century Fox does. You tell us — who would you want to see in a new Daredevil movie, and what should the plot be?


  1. I’m hoping the action scenes can be done by la parkour artists

    well… maybe it doesn’t have to be done in that B-movie manner


  2. Kevin McKidd has been my choice for Matt for a while.

  3. Charlie day as Foggy.  Itd be horrible, but i’d love it.

  4. Why cast Matt so young?  oh wait- to sell tickets to Twilighters….right

  5. @Apotheosize  And because Daredevil: The Man Without Fear takes place in law school and immediately after.

  6. Pretty good calls here.

  7. Don’t know anything about Damon, but everyone else would be fun.  
    I have been scouring IMDB for an actual foggy and my current choice is Chris Marquette of Fanboy.

  8. Random thought, but maybe Patton Oswalt for Foggy Nelson. He can do funny and serious and would probably jump at the chance.

  9. That said, Oswalt would have to be an older, experienced Foggy, which could produce a different/interesting dynamic between he and Matt.

  10. Well, if we’re going this young then Clark Duke has to be Foggy.

  11. @MikeG  i could see that*

  12. Nice choices but i’m crossing my fingers for Jason Segel as Matt Murdock and Jonah Hill as Foggy.
    If Slade decides not to take it, Judd Apatow could direct. Or better yet Julie Taymor!

    That’d be EPIC 🙂

  13. @mikeG that’s brilliant.

  14. I would rather see an older Matt/daredevil. Like Michael C Hall from Dexter. He would be a good bullseye as well.

  15. Cillian Murphy as Daredevil.  And David Fincher as director.  This is non-negiotible.

    I always thought the Underboss/Out arc from Bendis’ run would be a great one to make into a Daredevil movie and then combine Born Again with Hardcore for the next one.

  16. Dan Fogler as Foggy. He’s perfect, man.

  17. It hit me like a ton a bricks (if only cause I was just talking about this guy with a friend) but Tyler Labine should be the new Foggy.  I personally think that would be brilliant casting.  Yeah he usually plays the goofy slacker friend but he was also an ADA on several episodes of Boston Legal.  And he played it completely straight.  For my money he would be perfect…

  18. @heroville- Tad old, isnt he?

    Rourke would be quality! The others i dont know to be honest 

  19. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Anthony Edwards for Urich! Walton Goggins for Bullseye! 

  20. On this St. Patty’s day, you would do redhead nation the further injustice of AGAIN casting a brunette as Matt Murdock? I say NO SIR!

  21. @thinsafetypin- St. Paddy’s not ‘Patty’s’.

    From the Irish ‘Páidraig’

    sorry, its a pet peeve. 

  22. Dude, Lance Henricksen looks terrible. But yeah he’d be a decent Stick.

    Some really unusual choices in this thread. I honestly can’t tell who’s kidding and who’s serious. It goes to show you that despite certain essential traits, we all read these characters quite differently.

  23. @ed209AF  that would be awesome. charlie was foggy, mac as daredevil, sweet dee as typhiod mary, frank reynords are ben urich and dennis as bullseye.

    that would be insane

  24. talking about comic movies. i just read that michael gough past away. that sucks

  25. Who is that pretty boy that you are casting as Matt Murdock?! Oi.

    Jason Statham pleas.

  26. If you need younger than Statham for Matt try maybe Aaron Paul?… oi, I don’t know!

    Terrence Stamp as Urich.

  27. Noomi Rapace as Typhoid Mary.

  28. I’m not good at this game at all. I quit.

  29. I think Nicholas Holt from the UK version of SKINS would make a great Matt Murdock. Besides, only british actors make good superheroes.

  30. Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be perfect casting as Matt.

    Foggy should be Jorge Garcia

    Typhoid Mary would be great for Kirsten Ritter

    Jon Hamm would be great to cameo as a young Kingpin.

  31. When did this place become “Wizard” magazine? lol

  32. I like this casting if they are going for a younger, just starting out Daredevil. Foggy is a really hard role to cast. Anyone who comes to mind is too old. Patton oswald would have been perfect, but he should be the same age as Matt,a so if Matt is younger, that’s out. I’m seriously drawing a complete blank. Like the rest of the casting though.

  33. Isn’t lance henrickson dead