Captain America: Super Soldier Video Game Trailer

Yesterday we told you about the game. Today, you can see the trailer.

I gotta say, I love the way he moves.


  1. This looks like it could be cool.  It’s obviously an early build.  I really do hope this is better than either one of the Iron Man games that were made by Sega.

  2. The platforming aspect of the game looks cool, and I like the shield mechanic.  Could be good.

  3. It looks like they’ve removed the Nazi element from the cartoon and the video game. Do we get Nazi’s in the movie or are the fighting Hydra?

  4. For an early build, it looks promising.  Definitely can’t wait to see it again later in its development cycle.

  5. It looks pretty poor graphically at the moment. The combat looks like it might be fun though. Hopefully they’ll have it much more polished by launch.

  6. Holee motherfucking shit balls!!! Trailers have been known to lie, but this at least looks AWESOME!

  7. SEGA does good work, this is exciting. Playing as Cap in Ultimate Alliance was a real treat, so this could be some fun, especially w/ some of that Prince of Persia esque scaling of obstacle we got to see. Now to see what Activision has in store for the X-Men.

  8. @s1lentslayer@If Marvel wishes to market the movie in Europe, they have to be very careful about any use of Nazi symbolism.  Germany, France, Austria, and Hungary all have laws that restrict the use of Nazi related symbols.

  9. If there are any Nazi Symbols, they can simply be taken out for the areas wich are sensitive to content like that. I constantly read about the editing and censoring done to games for Germany, Australia, etc.


    BTW, davidtobin100, I’m not seeing what you’re seeing. The character models and such might need polish, but I see a lot of detailed work in this game, up to par with games I currently play.

  10. Looked cool until I saw Nazi’s with their own sheilds; kinda stupid.

  11. If it’s anywhere near as sandboxy and intuitive as spider-man 2… 😀