Can’t Wait One Minute More… New ‘Sin City’ Trailer

April 1st — the movie “translation” of Sin City is coming out. But you knew that already, right?

Well, did you see this? It is the latest trailer for the movie and it’ll knock your socks off.

I literally am salivating for this movie. Everything I’ve read, about the process, Frank Miller sharing the director’s chair, the clip from San Diego — it’s all just got me jazzed for what I’m predicting will be the best comic book movie to date.


  1. Holy crap.

  2. CIV?

  3. 104?

  4. I figured I’d confuse Conor, but I didn’t figure Conor would confuse me.

    I thought I’d see if Ron caught my joke, and if he doesn’t, I’ll explain. He will though.

    Conor, I have no idea what that means.

    About the movie…I’d like to positive, but in a world where the Pacifier is #1, I don’t think they’re ready for an arty b/w comic book flick. Furthermore, this is a comic book movie because it’s based on a comic book, but it’s got nothing to do with Spider-Man for example. Just some thoughts.

    Also, Clive Owen’s American accent needs work.

  5. I think this is going to be a really good movie. How it will do box office-wise… well, it all depends on what else is open that week and the reviews/word-of-mouth/etc.

    You’re right, this is a world where The Pacifier is number one at the BO but for some reason I keep thinking this one has a chance. A likely scenerio is that it opens at #1 with an average number like $15M and drops steadily grossing around $60-80M in total.

    You never know, though. I wouldn’t try to predict BO if you paid me.

    CIV = 104 in Roman numerals. I think.

  6. Josh wins. I was in a mid-90’s hardcore kinda mood today. Damn I remember when that 7″ came out…it was all the rage…

    anyway…I could easily see this movie getting an underground buzz to it and carrying that to at least covering the 40 million budget….

  7. Good call on the Roman numeral, but that wasn’t it.

    That was a good video.

  8. “Been let down so many times I got the runaround and I’m pissed
    Can’t keep me down, I’ll take another swing
    It’s the last chance, that I’ll miss”

  9. LOL Nice! Gotta love Lou from Sick of it All…

  10. I can’t get behind that.

  11. you don’t know what its like in the pit.

  12. Lou and Pete Koller know what it’s like in the pit. I wonder if they know what it’s like to read comics?

  13. I know for a fact that they do…

  14. My favorite shows on TV have twelve minutes of advertising. I can’t get behind that kind of time!

  15. are you making this about William Shatner now?

  16. When is it ever not about Bill?

  17. I can’t get behind a fat ass!

  18. I used to be obsessed with Henry Rollins. It’s hero time, man. time to shine, man. man. man.

  19. Henry Rollins. You know? He was in that song. With Shatner.

  20. Rollins is a man’s man.

  21. PHEW. I thought I had killed the thread.

  22. My fiance won $2000 at a lottery where she works and Henry Rollins picked the winning bill.

    Every week on the show she worked on, they all put dollars in a jar with their name on it, and the cast usually put in extra money. Rollins was a guest star that week.

    Also, the video for Liar is fantastic.

  23. i like it. i feel good.

  24. The video for TV Party blows away Liar 🙂