Can’t wait for the inevitable Rob Schneider cameo…

In a perplexing announcement, it was revealed that Peter Segal is set to direct a big screen version of Captain Marvel.

Segal is the director of The Longest Yard, Anger Management, 50 First Dates, and Tommy Boy.

Say what?

Segal’s filmography doesn’t bode well for the tone of this film. Methinks that we are reaching the comic book movie tipping point.


  1. I wanna see Sandler as Batson! If you’re going to do it bad, do it REALLY bad.

  2. Oh, I thought it was Marvel’s Captain Marvel…so I was like “Batson? huh?”

  3. I thought his name was Shazam!.

  4. He always has to be called Shazam on covers because of a DC/Marvel agreement. Those silly trademark issues. He also is a Super-Hero ™ as well.

  5. My first thought was that it was Mar-Vell as well, and I just thought that would be really strange.

  6. Mar-Vell was also MY first thought…and then I thought that would have been a train wreck. Yet…this could probably blow up in his face as well…

    Drew Barrymore as Mary Marvel!

  7. Yup, Rob Schneider will be playing the Wizard Shazam, and will appear in flash-back format at several points in the film to offer encouragement to Captain Marvel, using the catch phrase “You can f*cking do it!”.