Calling Comic Creators: Submissions Open For The Isotope Mini-Comics Award

If you’re an upcoming and coming comic creator and you’re looking for a great way to break into the industry, then look no further than the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics!  A yearly tradition orchestrated by Kirsten Baldock and James Sime of Isotope Comics in San Francisco, the Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics is a way to celebrate up and coming comics talent via the classic form of self publishing mini-comics.  For this award, it doesn’t matter how slick your comic is, what kind of paper stock it’s printed on or who published it (in fact, it’s best if it’s unpublished), all that matters is your talent and making a good comic.

This year, I’m honored to be joining the panel of judges that will be evaluating and selecting the winner of the award.  Joining me, Kirsten and James will be some amazing comics creators: Jason McNamara, writer of The Martian Confederacy and Jamaica Dyer, creator of Weird Fishes.  Together, the 5 of us will read and judge EVERY comic submitted.  I can’t even put into words how excited I am to participate in this time honored tradition of celebrating comics.

Isotope Comics in San Francisco has been awarding winners for years and this year’s winner will be crowned at Isotope Comics over the weekend of the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco (October 1st -2nd, 2011).

For information on how to submit your comic, head over to Isotope Comics website for all the details.  The deadline is SOON, September 23rd – so if you have a comic, make sure you get it submitted! I want to see some of the amazing creators in the iFanbase represented, so make sure to get your entries in!



  1. wow, awesome. wish i could draw/write/ink/ or just talent

  2. Is this a yearly thing?

  3. i wish my book was close to being finished =(

  4. I really need to find an artist to work with. And money to publish something….

    But seriously, congrats, Ron! That is a pretty great gig to land, and well deserved. I’m sure you’ll have a blast being one of the judges.

  5. Very cool. Congrats, Ron!

  6. hmmm i’m thinking about it…nothing like a short deadline to clear all those pesky creative blocks and finish that book.